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  • Rise of Nations... greatest real-time strategy game ever?

    Rise of Nations... greatest real-time strategy game ever?

    Out of all the strategy games I've ever played (and there have been a lot) Rise of Nations gave me the biggest challenge and the most fun gaming session in a RTS that I've ever experienced.. I played on a medium sized map against an AI opponent. I was Russia, the AI was Germany. The game mirrored the Russian-German conflict of World War 2 with 100% accuracy. I set the rules so that combat would not start until 1 hour had passed, giving me time to build up and prepare for the...
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  • JackRabbits Shameless Content Push.

    JackRabbits Shameless Content Push.

    Rise of Nations, released over a decade ago (arn't we getting old!) it managed to expertly merge the scale of the Civilisation games with the action, excitement and speed of a traditional RTS, and whilst its currently available on Steam for £3.74, you never know, some kindly associate might buy the 4-pack and hand out copies for free.
    Unfortunately for you lot, that kindly associate isn't me, I want you to dance for your "free" game!
    So in a shameless...
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  • Alpha Centauri 2

    Alpha Centauri 2

    Game reviews can be quite tricky to write. Attempting to provide an interesting, yet insightful, treatise into a videogame using only the power of words that good old Dr Johnson has provided is a talent mastered only by the few. Get it right, and you can go onto a successful career writing for Marvel, get it wrong and you become such a laughing stock that you have to move to Japan. One thing that I have learnt, however, is that a review should base itself upon what the game actually does,...
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  • CloudBuilt


    Ahh gaming.
    Such a wonderful hobby, and one that I have dedicated many, many years to. So many that now a-days many gaming activities, whilst still fun, seem a bit bland.
    I remember the days when I would retire to bed, some three hours after I should have done, because I needed just one more turn to complete the Great Pyramids, and then in bed I would dream about defeating Sarevok, or have nightmares about my tank being killed by a spearman.

    Gaming has been a wonderful mistress,
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  • Civilisation Five: - The Succession game!

    Civilisation Five: - The Succession game!

    Civilisation V.
    The Succession Game!

    So, after much delay, the inaugural reign of the Succession game has been played. Playing on “easy” difficulty with a random world and random leader (and no-one was more surprised than me when it randomly selected “Elizabeth”. Mostly because no-one else knew or cared that it had happened!) the first 20 turns have been acted.
    So in the year 4000 BCE Queen JackRabbit the first, finds herself (cough) ruler of the people of...
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  • PCGC plays L4D 2

    PCGC plays L4D 2

    So last night was our first attempt at online play together, at first it went a bit wrong due to not being entirely clear on what we were doing, meaning people had to download the game, also due to the fact I was in the pub a bit too long.

    but anyway we ended up with 5 people, Daniel dropped out due to his download being slow, so we got started with myself, Dayve, JackRabbit and Tartrazine.

    At first we thought we would try advanced, but due...
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  • GTA V Coming to PC January 27th

    GTA V Coming to PC January 27th

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  • Journey of a Roach

    Journey of a Roach

    Whilst sitting at home,
    Wondering just what to do,
    I thought I might turn
    My hand to a review.

    And just to keep interest,
    Now don’t swear or curse,
    I’m going to write,
    In the medium of verse.

    Its just my opinion,
    I’m not beyond reproach,
    I submit a review on,
    “The Journey of a Roach.”

    Daedalic Entertainment,
    Imbued this game with great feeling,
    And if that doesn’t...
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  • My creation is evolving...........

    My creation is evolving...........


    A (relatively) recent development in digital gaming was the creation of the “Bundle”, a natural progression from the “Compilation packs” of old, and made popular by the “Humble” bundle company (currently promoting a bundle from an inferior gaming site who in no way at all are attempting damage control because they accuse people of thought crimes).
    Now every Sid, Nancy and Cl4ptrap have gotten in on the act.
    Royal indie bundle, Bundle in a box and Bundle Stars, who...
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  • Jackrabbits MONSTER gaming givaway

    Jackrabbits MONSTER gaming givaway

    So, in a little over a month the Pre-Sequel to Borderlands is released to the gaming masses, promising the same sort of wacky humour and bullet soaked mayhem as it’s predecessors.

    Its large, well built and stylish lands filled to the brim with all sorts of weird and wonderful denziens, what better way to prepare for it than with a free copy of
    Monster Loves You
    (What, you thought it was going to be the Pre-Sequel?!?! Do you think I’m made of money?)
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  • Because someone might read this


    So EA's perennial uphill task to provide a counter to the market dominance of Steam continues and this blue moons (Bit harsh. EA do give these away fairly frequently to be honest) free golden oldie is ...... Ultima III - PAGAN (for those didn't see the picture)
    Of course, it requires origin.
    But it is FREE.
    Not that anyone would buy such an old game anyway.
    Mumble mumble I just wanted the...
    30-04-15, 23:15
  • Calling all budding designers......

    Currently available on Bundle Stars for the amazing knockdown price of £2.24 the game creation program AXIS GAME FACTORY!!!
    Now for all you budding games developers (and Spats), I have a free copy of the software which will be gifted to whoever comes up with the most impressive reason as to why I should give it to them.
    I couldn't be bothered to create a picture...
    24-03-15, 18:11
  • Back to the Future!!!!!


    So the re-imagining of top 80's multiplayer dungeon hack and slash "Gauntlet" is available at 75% off, probably for a limited time only, on the above link.

    What 1985 looked like....
    18-03-15, 17:52
  • Sim City 2000:- Free

    The 90's were great wern't they. Some of the best games created in that decade. Thief, Alpha Centauri and Sim City. All suffered from abominations of re-boots over the last year.
    Hark back to a better time with the original (cough cough cough erm are you entirely sure about that?) Sim City FREE on Origin....
    10-12-14, 21:17
  • CloudBuilt on sale


    Currently available for £3 on Bundlestars (unlocks on Steam) is the rather excellent and not at all imaginary "Cloudbuilt"
    Which I would, and indeed did ( http://pcgamesc.com/3816-cloudbuilt) heartily recommend...
    09-12-14, 22:03
  • Bollocks.
    So it was boud to happen one day. I bought something and then found out I already owned it!.
    Don't I feel stupid.
    So there you go. I'm not saying what it is, though I would ask that whoever succesfully activates it lets everyone know.
    Maybe I will give other shit away in this fashon, because clearly the whole "write and article" isnt working.

    28-11-14, 20:48