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  • Enki



    So this year I have vowed ( VOWED I SAY!) to play more games than I buy.
    Its a tough challenge when you consider that last year, on steam alone, I bought over 60 games.

    Which basically means I need to be playing about two games a week.
    And I do mean play, not install for ten minutes and tick it off the list.
    So after two weeks I have played...um four games.
    Of course, I could just buy fewer games but lets not be radical here.
    So, ENKI then,...
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  • The Zodiac Gamer

    The Zodiac Gamer

    The Zodiac Gamer
    So with 2016 now well and truly underway, what do the stars hold secret regarding your valuable gaming time?
    Studies show that people believe the untapped potential of Astrological knowledge could hold the secret to success in all aspects of your life, and that possibly by harnessing these secrets we might better be able to pursue a more successful gaming future!
    Could the stars hold secrets for YOU?

    With the New moon
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  • Paradox announce new expansion!

    Paradox announce new expansion!

    Well we are a whole week into the new year, and Paradox haven't yet announced a new expansion to a single one of their uber excellent Grand Strategy games.
    It could almost be the end of times!
    So its a good thing that "Crusader Kings II : Conclave" is now a thing.
    Concentrating on the sort of political machinations that everyone now knows goes on in feudal kingdom from having watched game of thrones, it looks like its time to have to completely relearn the mechanics...
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  • Tides of Numenera has incoming Beta

    Tides of Numenera has incoming Beta

    Do you remember when "spoilers" were a thing?
    When those people who bought brand new software on the day of release managed to offset their frustrations at the bugs, the crashes and generally unfinished nature of the game by ruining the various twists and turns of the story for those who show more common sense and wait for the game not only to be finished, but cheaper too?
    Well now you get to do this BEFORE THE GAME IS RELEASED!
    Thats right, you (yes YOU) can...
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  • Last Year, we were mostly playing.........

    Last Year, we were mostly playing.........

    Last Year, We Were Mostly Playing.....

    So 2015 has drawn to a close and the inevitable reminiscing about important events such as David Cameron fucking a pig (though I doubt rumours about his wife refusing to allow bacon into the house are true) we turn our attention to how we have wasted what little time we have in this real world, but escaping into fantastical fictional ones.
    Before we start, this article is based on this thread.I don’t care how much you love “Tedious FMV
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  • Merry Xmas

    Merry Xmas

    Happy Xmas, time to eat drink and be pissed.

    now for something slightly christmassy.....

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  • Ask JR at Christmas!

    Ask JR at Christmas!

    Ask JR at Christmas

    Well its that time of the year again when all the fictional characters raise from their slumbers and take some time to write to me in the hopes of solving the very real and troubling connundrums that they have gotten themselves into .....

    Dear JR
    I recently started playing Rogue Legacy as I thought the basic concept of “when you die you play as your child” would be quite interesting, however whenever I play the “child”
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  • Ask JR

    Ask JR

    Ask JR

    I know, I know, its been a long time since you all have benefited from my exhalant wisdom, and far be it from blaming my tools, but ”microsoft edge” is shit.

    Dear JR,

    Is it true that the next Fallout game is to be set in Turkey?

    Yours in apprehension

    Ahmet Davutoglu

    Now Ahmet,

    Considering Fallout 4 has just been released, I think its a bit too early to be speculating on...
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  • Fallout 4's most essential mod so far (as of 24/11/2015)

    Fallout 4's most essential mod so far (as of 24/11/2015)

    Bethesda RPG's are great and everything but we all know their real beauty is brought out by the modding community. Within weeks of any Bethesda RPG releasing there will be good mods which you will try and which will render the vanilla game obsolete and unplayable. To my knowledge there aren't any mods of this magnitude for Fallout 4 yet, but there is one I would consider essential.

    The Fallout 4 Configuration Tool by Bilago can be downloaded at http://www.nexusmods.co...
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  • Win a copy of Banished!

    Win a copy of Banished!

    Thanks to the good old people over at GoG (well my own inability to keep my wallet shut) I have a copy of top wilderness city building survival game.....


    "So how do we get our hands on this?" I hear you all exclaim.

    Well I understand all my competitions are really hard. So I'm going to make this one a bit easier.

    All you need to do, is ask for it.

    There you go.

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  • Because someone might read this


    So EA's perennial uphill task to provide a counter to the market dominance of Steam continues and this blue moons (Bit harsh. EA do give these away fairly frequently to be honest) free golden oldie is ...... Ultima III - PAGAN (for those didn't see the picture)
    Of course, it requires origin.
    But it is FREE.
    Not that anyone would buy such an old game anyway.
    Mumble mumble I just wanted the...
    30-04-15, 23:15
  • Calling all budding designers......

    Currently available on Bundle Stars for the amazing knockdown price of £2.24 the game creation program AXIS GAME FACTORY!!!
    Now for all you budding games developers (and Spats), I have a free copy of the software which will be gifted to whoever comes up with the most impressive reason as to why I should give it to them.
    I couldn't be bothered to create a picture...
    24-03-15, 18:11
  • Back to the Future!!!!!


    So the re-imagining of top 80's multiplayer dungeon hack and slash "Gauntlet" is available at 75% off, probably for a limited time only, on the above link.

    What 1985 looked like....
    18-03-15, 17:52
  • Sim City 2000:- Free

    The 90's were great wern't they. Some of the best games created in that decade. Thief, Alpha Centauri and Sim City. All suffered from abominations of re-boots over the last year.
    Hark back to a better time with the original (cough cough cough erm are you entirely sure about that?) Sim City FREE on Origin....
    10-12-14, 21:17
  • CloudBuilt on sale


    Currently available for £3 on Bundlestars (unlocks on Steam) is the rather excellent and not at all imaginary "Cloudbuilt"
    Which I would, and indeed did ( http://pcgamesc.com/3816-cloudbuilt) heartily recommend...
    09-12-14, 22:03
  • Bollocks.
    So it was boud to happen one day. I bought something and then found out I already owned it!.
    Don't I feel stupid.
    So there you go. I'm not saying what it is, though I would ask that whoever succesfully activates it lets everyone know.
    Maybe I will give other shit away in this fashon, because clearly the whole "write and article" isnt working.

    28-11-14, 20:48