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  • To Buy or Not to Buy: The Stomping Lands

    To Buy or Not to Buy: The Stomping Lands

    Early Access can sometimes be a great investment. Some games offer discount prices so you can monitor the development process, and when the full package is released you receive the game at no additional cost. Some games just put a dent in your wallet with absolutely no benefit for the purchaser. Either way, The Stomping Lands makes for an excellent gamble to flirt with and something I was on the edge of buying until I finally made my decision.

    When I invested
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  • Northern Shadows Gets the Greenlight This Summer.

    Northern Shadows Gets the Greenlight This Summer.

    I rarely find myself on the Greenlight page of Steam but this recent trailer of a game in development had me over ther in a second. Northern Shadows is the name of it and it looks beautiful. While only a trailer, what the developers have shown is quite interesting. It's a Skyrim style RPG with city building elements built on the Unity engine.

    From the video it looks as though you build your city, train your troops and ravage the land looking for materials.
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  • Fifa goes Free-to-Play with Fifa World

    Fifa goes Free-to-Play with Fifa World

    We've seen several EA franchises go free to play in the last few years, there's been Need For Speed World, Command and Conquer: Tiberium Alliances and Battlefield Play4Free as well as a few others. The increasing popularity and profitability of the free to play model means this trend is likely to continue and with the beta release of Fifa World, EA opens up one of its biggest franchises to the F2P crowd.

    The game centres around the Fifa Ultimate Team game mode, which for...
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  • Steam group

    Steam group

    We now have a Steam group available, to help organise some online play and such.

    The group is available here...
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  • Demon's Souls 2? Project Beast Leaked Teaser Here.

    Demon's Souls 2? Project Beast Leaked Teaser Here.

    This just emerged on the Steam Dark Souls 2 forum. Although Namco Bandai did say that there will not be a Demon's Souls 2 they do not hold the rights to the original name. Hidetaka Miyazaki supervised development with Dark Souls 2 but was, reportedly, working on another project in tangent to it.

    What do you think? Is the true Demon's Souls successor?
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  • Dark Souls Esque?: Lords of the Fallen

    Dark Souls Esque?: Lords of the Fallen

    Lords of the Fallen is currently being developed by CI studio's and Deck 13 with publisher Namco Bandai at the helm. Developers over at CI state that Lords of the Fallen requires practice and does present the player a challenge much like Dark Souls. Differences between the series include a more robust story line and adventure style from Lords of the Fallen. The result is a shorter play-through time with Lords checking in at the 18 hour mark. About half the length of a Dark Souls playthrough....
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  • Battlefield: Hardline Announced With In Game Footage

    Battlefield: Hardline Announced With In Game Footage

    Looks like the developers over at DICE are taking a change of scenery. Their newly announced game, Hardline, looks to involve cops and robbers with an introduction video showing heist modes and vehicle chase modes. I, for one, needed a change of scenery from them as I felt Battlefield 4 could have done a little bit more to push the series forward. Though the lack of military may be a bit odd coming from DICE, I more then welcome it. Whether this new new style of gun fighting will bode...
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  • A New Development From Turtle Rock: Evolve

    A New Development From Turtle Rock: Evolve

    Evolve is a Co-op shooter being developed by Turtle Rock Studio’s. Those familiar with the Left for Dead series already know Turtle Rocks work, and how effective they can be with creating a Co-op shooter. What stands out most in this new IP is the incredible graphics. While graphics aren’t everything, it doesn’t hurt to have pretty effects while sinking many hours into a co-op game with friends.

    The game touts 4 player co-op against a monster that that can do some serious
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  • Arma 3...where are the goods?

    Arma 3...where are the goods?

    Arma 3 is known for its bugs and shoddy performance. It is also known to some as a boring game with no real direction. While this may be the case there are ways to get the most out of Arma assuming you've already shelled out for a copy. Knowing how to play Arma goes a lot further then knowing your soldier stances and being able to switch grenade types. It’s about knowing what’s hot in the mod world and keeping an eye open for the best ways to utilize this engine.

    While you’ll never...
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  • The content we are looking for.

    The content we are looking for.

    if you want to supply content for the site we are looking for several different categories in information and contributions of any type would be welcomed. the categories are,

    Original Content
    information about games people may not be aware of or just coverage on a game from a different perspective to the norm, even if the article is playing devil's advocate.

    Personal Reviews
    Have you played a good game recently or one that wasn't so great?...
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  • Because someone might read this


    So EA's perennial uphill task to provide a counter to the market dominance of Steam continues and this blue moons (Bit harsh. EA do give these away fairly frequently to be honest) free golden oldie is ...... Ultima III - PAGAN (for those didn't see the picture)
    Of course, it requires origin.
    But it is FREE.
    Not that anyone would buy such an old game anyway.
    Mumble mumble I just wanted the...
    30-04-15, 23:15
  • Calling all budding designers......

    Currently available on Bundle Stars for the amazing knockdown price of £2.24 the game creation program AXIS GAME FACTORY!!!
    Now for all you budding games developers (and Spats), I have a free copy of the software which will be gifted to whoever comes up with the most impressive reason as to why I should give it to them.
    I couldn't be bothered to create a picture...
    24-03-15, 18:11
  • Back to the Future!!!!!


    So the re-imagining of top 80's multiplayer dungeon hack and slash "Gauntlet" is available at 75% off, probably for a limited time only, on the above link.

    What 1985 looked like....
    18-03-15, 17:52
  • Sim City 2000:- Free

    The 90's were great wern't they. Some of the best games created in that decade. Thief, Alpha Centauri and Sim City. All suffered from abominations of re-boots over the last year.
    Hark back to a better time with the original (cough cough cough erm are you entirely sure about that?) Sim City FREE on Origin....
    10-12-14, 21:17
  • CloudBuilt on sale


    Currently available for £3 on Bundlestars (unlocks on Steam) is the rather excellent and not at all imaginary "Cloudbuilt"
    Which I would, and indeed did ( http://pcgamesc.com/3816-cloudbuilt) heartily recommend...
    09-12-14, 22:03
  • Bollocks.
    So it was boud to happen one day. I bought something and then found out I already owned it!.
    Don't I feel stupid.
    So there you go. I'm not saying what it is, though I would ask that whoever succesfully activates it lets everyone know.
    Maybe I will give other shit away in this fashon, because clearly the whole "write and article" isnt working.

    28-11-14, 20:48