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  • BAN THIS SICK FILTH :- The Walking Dead

    BAN THIS SICK FILTH :- The Walking Dead

    The Walking Dead
    I know what you are thinking, “ The Walking Dead”, a bastion of filth and depravity, surely not! Its all well and good taking on these small one man indie outlets but that shits mainstream! It’s bound to have been market researched and committee managed to the point that any sense of scandal will have long since been consigned to the cutting room floor!

    But, rare as it is for a mainstream game to be embroiled in any slight controversy,“ The...
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  • Europa Barbarorum 2 finally released

    Europa Barbarorum 2 finally released

    The long awaited sequel to the award winning Rome: Total War mod Europa Barbarorum has finally arrived. Europa Barbarorum 2, which for the rest of this article shall be referred to as EB2, released yesterday on 25 August 2014 after 7 long years of development by an unfunded, unpaid, dedicated group of modders who want to bring ancient history to life in a way that is both historically accurate and as fun as possible.

    Europa Barbarorum was released way back in December 2005 and was...
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  • BAN THIS SICK FILTH :- And Yet It Moves

    BAN THIS SICK FILTH :- And Yet It Moves

    Ban This Sick Filth
    And Yet It Moves

    The world.
    The world is full of depravity. Twisted and filled with cancerous tumours that need to be rooted out at the heart.
    I had hoped that gaming could have been a force for good. A force that could have reversed the depraved rantings of Hollywood and Fleet street, consumed as they are with superficiality, banality and middle class mediocrity.
    The indie market was once heralded as the once great hope...
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  • EA gives away Wing Commander 3

    EA gives away Wing Commander 3

    I think we can all agree cats are bastards.
    If they are not shitting on your lawn or getting caught up in your wheel arches, they are causing a major extinction event for the local wildlife.
    Why anyone would welcome the sociopath little bastards into their home is beyond me.
    Quite frankly, few things would please me more than a universe where cats had, somehow, acquired sentience, developed interstellar starships, and then presented themselves in a serious of increasingly...
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  • Ban this Sick Filth : - Osmos

    Ban this Sick Filth : - Osmos

    Ban This Sick Filth
    Here we stand again, the world looking on in horror as an extinction causing haemorrhagic pandemic guaranteed to destroy civilisation as we know it.
    Clearly this distraction causing sleight of hand allows the REAL dangers to sip past the censors unheeded! And one such CLEAR danger is Osmos, by Hemisphere games.

    Winning much admiration for its minimalist, meditative gameplay you are represented in the gaming world as a “mote” who
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  • [UPDATE] Server transfer done and site working fully (hopefully)

    [UPDATE] Server transfer done and site working fully (hopefully)

    Cloudflare is now active, meaning more content should come to you compressed, from localised datacentres and stuff pulled from the main server sent over a low latency high speed connection to the localized datacentres. so really I'm hitting the limits of what I can do for speed without going dedicated. as usual keep an eye out for any errors that may have came from activating this.

    So after some mess ups and difference due to the new server I finally think...
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  • TOXIKK, Bringing FPS back to it's roots?

    TOXIKK, Bringing FPS back to it's roots?

    On my weekly prowl of P.C. game searching, I came across this. The video states that they are removing just about every evolution in FPS's in the last decade and a half. TOXIKK has no reloads, no experience system, no regenerating health, no iron sight aiming and the part that hooked me, NO BULLSHIT. This is a fast past shooter developed for those of us who have been bitching about the cookie cutter MP FPS that has plagued the industry in recent years. To top it off,...
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  • [UPDATED] Site changing hosts.

    [UPDATED] Site changing hosts.

    The domain name is in the process of changing so if you come and the site is down it will be restored as soon as possible.

    I am in the process of changing hosts I will try to lose as little data as possible and limit down time but some may happen due to the transfer of the domain name.
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  • [Updated] Carmageddon Reincarnation The Vote.

    [Updated] Carmageddon Reincarnation The Vote.

    Z Steam Revival

    The poll is expired.

    Despite low turnout and voting the winner is Boa, how to get the game should be in your PM's

    So bit later than intended but the vote is live pick your favourite.

    JackRabbits "BAN THIS SICK FILTH"
    Boa's "Z Steam Revival"

    Voting closes on the 31st winner will receive the key (humble bundle link since it seems everyone is using them to distribute) in the event of a tie I will work out a fair way to pick...
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  • Endless Legend: Early Access

    Endless Legend: Early Access

    Endless Legend is a 4x turn based fantasy strategy game created by Amplitude Studios. The game is currently in early access and available through Steam either £24.29 for classic Pack or a founder's pack for 26.99 which includes other items such as a 50% discount off their other turn based game, Endless Space.

    Visually the game looks impressive, screenshots in no way do this game the justice it deserves. From zooming in on your unique looking units and spiralling cities...
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  • Because someone might read this


    So EA's perennial uphill task to provide a counter to the market dominance of Steam continues and this blue moons (Bit harsh. EA do give these away fairly frequently to be honest) free golden oldie is ...... Ultima III - PAGAN (for those didn't see the picture)
    Of course, it requires origin.
    But it is FREE.
    Not that anyone would buy such an old game anyway.
    Mumble mumble I just wanted the...
    30-04-15, 23:15
  • Calling all budding designers......

    Currently available on Bundle Stars for the amazing knockdown price of £2.24 the game creation program AXIS GAME FACTORY!!!
    Now for all you budding games developers (and Spats), I have a free copy of the software which will be gifted to whoever comes up with the most impressive reason as to why I should give it to them.
    I couldn't be bothered to create a picture...
    24-03-15, 18:11
  • Back to the Future!!!!!


    So the re-imagining of top 80's multiplayer dungeon hack and slash "Gauntlet" is available at 75% off, probably for a limited time only, on the above link.

    What 1985 looked like....
    18-03-15, 17:52
  • Sim City 2000:- Free

    The 90's were great wern't they. Some of the best games created in that decade. Thief, Alpha Centauri and Sim City. All suffered from abominations of re-boots over the last year.
    Hark back to a better time with the original (cough cough cough erm are you entirely sure about that?) Sim City FREE on Origin....
    10-12-14, 21:17
  • CloudBuilt on sale


    Currently available for £3 on Bundlestars (unlocks on Steam) is the rather excellent and not at all imaginary "Cloudbuilt"
    Which I would, and indeed did ( http://pcgamesc.com/3816-cloudbuilt) heartily recommend...
    09-12-14, 22:03
  • Bollocks.
    So it was boud to happen one day. I bought something and then found out I already owned it!.
    Don't I feel stupid.
    So there you go. I'm not saying what it is, though I would ask that whoever succesfully activates it lets everyone know.
    Maybe I will give other shit away in this fashon, because clearly the whole "write and article" isnt working.

    28-11-14, 20:48