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Netflix recomendations.

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  • Netflix recomendations.

    As it says in the title, a thread to recommend stuff you have seen on Netflix.


    Japanese anime. Not a whiff of a tentacle/penis demon anywhere, instead a fascinating story about the nature of freedom over control in human societies.

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    DareDevil it's great.


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      it is hard to explain but has an A-list of actors
      primary colors ala Dick Tracy, spagheti western and kung fu theatre mashup with japanese puppet theatre inspired backgrounds.

      its a trip but highly enjoyable except maybe to Dayve.


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        Ok since I have stepped back from gaming and watching lots of tv and movies here are some I have binged watched over the last year and enjoyed

        Trailer Park Boys - funny as fuck
        Prison Break - Great first 3 seasons, kinda fell apart at the end but still recommended.
        Breaking Bad - Possible the greatest show ever
        Daredevil - Best superhero show ever created
        Fringe - Really good CSI meets Twilight Zone, falls apart in last 2 seasons but still very engaging
        Marco Polo - Much much better than I was expecting, kinda like Black Sails but more interesting setting and better produced.

        Currently watching Sons of Anarchy which I am enjoying immensely too.


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          Death-Note I have just discovered, is also on Netflix now, and is more tentacle rape less Japanese anime.
          And its awesome.


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            House of Cards - an alright series, a political thriller.

            Battlestar Gallactica - although you have likely seen it, one of the best series ever in my opinion.

            Hemlock Grove - horror type of series

            American Horror Story - More horror nonsense.

            Full Metal Alchemist - an alright anime

            Fairytale - A pretty good anime, shame it's only got 1 season on Netflix though.


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              The Final Girls
              Despite a distinct lack of gore, a pretty enjoyable spoof slasher flick.


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                This was actually a useful thread, why did people stop posting in it?


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                  Travellers. A bit of a slow first episode, but it is great. One of my favourite shows recently. A novel take on time travel.


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                    I've always prefered that version of time travel to be honest, by supplanting people it also gives the answer to the big question of time travel "where are all the time travelers?"

                    but it's far from a new concept, it's just used less often than actually send the person back in time as it is less visual, but when you don't get to see the future or who they came from it's not as much a problem.

                    but to give 2 fairly recent examples of this type of time travel, in 12 monkeys after the time machine was broke cole was taught he could walk through his own timeline without a time machine to change things. also in warehouse 13 HG Wells popped up and her (yes a man replaced with a woman back in 2010) time machine also only sent back the consciousness. it's a long way from a new idea it's just one that is under used for visual reasons.


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                      Never seen 12 Monkeys, doesn't look like my type of films tbh.


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                        It's the TV series it's actually one of the best time travel things going.


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                          It is on sky box sets or Netlix or anything? never knew there even was a series, wouldn't mind checking out since I much prefer series to movies these days since they do not have to be rushed.


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                            not on anywhere by the look of it and that is surprising after 3 seasons.


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                              New full series on Netflix - Beyond. Only watched one episode but it feels like a mix up Stranger Things, Waywood Pines, X-Men and Fringe. BAsically kid wakes from a 12 year Coma into a supernatural conspiracy.

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