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    Season one was quite good but felt like it it was trying to compensate with comedy, but in season 2 they seem to be pushing more into being an actual sci fi show with bits of humour thrown in. last week and this week they have done their first 2 parter after basically living on monster of the week, but mostly did it using things that had been seeded throughout the show running up. the first part being basically a much slower diplomatic episode dealing with very different cultures coming into contact with each other, but then in the second part they really push the space stuff and being held captive, because nobody want to go to the pee corner, leading up to one of the biggest space battles I've seen on a TV show, it really shows how far Seth MacFarlane want to go with his sci fi show, that he can push into these serious battles but still find time to pepper in the odd joke but not actually break the action.

    it really is shaping up to be one of the best sci fi shows in my opinion despite coming from the most unlikely of sources if you look at his previous style of work. I honestly was expecting it to just be Family Guy in space but they have touched on a lot of delicate subjects in ways that don't feel like they are forcing it down your throat, while they can still keep a level of comedy but make a fairly serious show.

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    been watching the orville since it came out...and i really like it.
    i dont think much of seth macfarlane as a person but his writing talent is top notch.
    i havent watched the two parter yet as i wanted to get both episodes first and have been busy but will get caught up on it and doom patrol this week.

    in a interview before season 1 of orville seth stated he was a huge fan of start trek and always wanted to do a show like that.
    in my opinion he has succeeded.
    i would go as far to say the orville is more star trek then Star Trek.
    a friend of mine who is REALLY into star trek (the kind who know how warp drives work) says the orville not only tackles matters like ST does but also uses filming/editing.cuts like STNG.

    all i know is it is really good


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      Seth MacFarlane has made no secret of the fact he loves sci fi, the Star Wars episodes of family guy came about as he was doing that many Star Wars references that Fox told him he had to go ask Lucas if he was ok to keep doing it, when he went to ask they turned round and offered him the chance to do the parody episodes, he always wanted to do sci fi but after family guy fell into the trap of his own success meaning people expected a certain thing from him.

      the likes of Family Guy and his other shows and movies are littered with sci fi and 80's references, to me The Orville just shows why he did them wasn't to take the piss but because he actually liked the source material, but for me he is probably the weaker actor on the crew, he is a great voice actor but anything else he is basically just himself. but the cast he put around himself is really what makes the show.

      the thing I find funniest about it is the fact the person who plays LaMarr actually started out as the receptionist at MacFarlanes production company.


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        ok that bit about the LaMarr actor is funny.
        but ya the character seth plays in orville is the exact same one from 'A Milllion Ways to Die in the West'
        it is his writing, the actors around him and the directing that make it.
        who knows maybe he will get better with a tv show where he is always in front of the camera.


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          finally watched the 2-parter
          had always wondered if Issacs people were going to be the show's Borg like the Krill are the Klingon

          the space battle was huge.
          i dont think star trek ever got that big....i think babylon5 is the only other sci fi tv show to try something that big before.


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            I thought Bortus's people were their version of the Klingons.
            With their religious fundamentalism wouldn't the Krill be more like the Bajorans?


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              The krill are the religious fundamentalists, they stay away from the rest of the people due to the others not following avis.

              Bortus and his race are more like reverse Amazon's.

              Then you have the security officer who's race doesn't believe in war and basically becomes an outcast due to joining up.


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                On the Orville two parter, I liked the setup (part 1) but thought the conclusion rather underwhelming and formulaic.
                Now having seen off the Kaylon and seeing Union forces in shreds, had the Krill then turned on the Union to force them to accept the will of Avis...…….
                (And yes, B5 had bigger and better space battles some 20 years ago!)