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  • Better Call Saul

    Anyone been watching this? It's exceptionally good. I imagine it doesn't have the same pull as Breaking Bad had since Walter White was a rare kind of crazy which caused all the violence and drama that followed him, after watching this I get a new found perspective for the whole Breaking Bad series. While watching Breaking Bad I used to think of Saul as a bit of a silly comical character, but the more his background unfolds he's a really troubled character that could have a really nice life with a woman that adores him if he wanted to but instead he can't help but transform into his alter ego.

    I hope it goes beyond the Breaking Bad period since it does show clips of him in the future at times and he looks miserable.

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    They are getting close to the actual breaking bad period, since they are playing with certain people, but truthfully I don't think it will go long enough to pass that period without a massive time skip. Once you get past the creation and rise to prominence of Saul Goodman it becomes more or less just a lawyer drama, they are already leaning heavily on side plots.