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    do you all watch it?
    if ya do whatcha think about new season coming up?

    ive been watching off and on since the 70s.
    3rd doctor was my first though 4th is my favorite.
    like the revival alot its first 12 seasons.

    started watching classic drwho last september with S1EP1...and 277 episodes later finished it 2 weeks ago.
    went right into the revival and am currently revisiting the Tennent specials between s4 and s5

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    new ones are on next week end, hope she can separate herself from the boys and actually bring something new, since everything after tennant more or less followed the same thread.

    also hope they gave Bradley Walsh some freedom to do what he does.


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      I stopped watching it some time through the Matt Smith era.
      I honestly feel sorry for Jody Whittaker, because whilst I think having a female "Doctor" could open up fantastic opportunities for original story telling and direction, it will be used for hamfisted ideological bigotry and anyone who voices any complaint, no matter how justified, will be dismissed as a bigot.
      Much as what happened when Jane Foster became Thor.


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        kinda feel the same way JR.
        it seems to me like the BBC is really pushing this SJW thing down our throats.
        they make it seem as though DW always subjugated women as second class. or whatever.

        the bbc seems to forget ALL the strong, vibrant female companions who were equal to the doctor and im talking classic here.
        DW in its entirety has always been inclusive and with the revival even more so without overtly pushing some SJW agenda.

        there are female timelords....the doctor even had one as a companion who was in many ways better then he.
        then we had the master regen as a female to give us the best master of the series as far as i am concerned.
        nothing against whittiker i think she will be fine but it all depends on writing.
        if they continue this SJW agenda blatantly in the writing it will kill the series again.


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          not a great start I must say. also don't get the need on the coming soon bit to list all the actors who will be in and even then the only name I picked out of the list was Lee Mack as putting him in a room with Bradley Walsh could be funny.


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            ya watched it yesterday at 145pm my time as it was simulcast on bbc america also recorded the rebroadcast at 8pm my time since it was advertised as having additional content...
            though i think that additional content may be more of that inane watch party/aftershow bullocks

            as for the premiere was ok....the only regen episodes i though were well done were the eccelston to tennent and tennet to were all meh.
            usually takes a few episodes in my observation for a new doctor to find their stride.
            hopefully this new production team doesnt kill the show

            definitely will be taken to watching via torrent as i could not stand the fricking commercial breaks every 5 minutes
            gonna try watching the premiere again without commercials or the SJW centered pre/post show crap.
            speaking of that crap.....will wheaton was the only celeb i truly recognized other then that haslip chick


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              The problem is there is no story through the entire season, so it's just going to be monster of the week not really achieving anything.

              Meaning unless they can get people invested in the characters it will likely have a quick drop off.


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                Didn't see it. Will probably get around to it on the I-player.


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                  Of course I've got to watch, pretty much the entire Capaldi run first or I might not be able to keep up with what's going on.


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                    Originally posted by Belimawr View Post
                    The problem is there is no story through the entire season, so it's just going to be monster of the week not really achieving anything.

                    Meaning unless they can get people invested in the characters it will likely have a quick drop off.
                    no overarching story?
                    what is this amateur hour?
                    the revival has become known for each season or more having some kind of continuous story connecting everything.
                    ya if its just monster of the week stuff....its gonna drop off and wont keep any new folks that came to watch becuase of the SJW bullshit.
                    and then.....when numbers stop to fall the SJWs will blame misogynistic patriarchal fanboys....


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                      more and more the new ones just seem to be showing how bad we were in the past and try to push a modern agenda by plagiarizing history.

                      feeling more and more like Legends of tomorrow is hitting history better than doctor who, they show major points and dark times in history but seem to hit more on the actual history and how it was rather than just trying to push an agenda, they have done racism in the american civil war and showed how vile it actually was for black people back then, rather than just making it look like racism was purely you couldn't choose your own seat on the bus, also interesting to see the salem witch trials undercut by a fairy godmother. (since the new season has gone into the mythical to bring in constantine)


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                        so...finally got caught up to the new season....thats all of classic and revival from sept '17 to now.
                        re-watched first episode along with 2, 3, and 4.

                        doctor who has always been preachy but it feels like i notice it more now.
                        i like the characters but the writing isnt all that it has been.
                        do not like the opening title sequence at all....but that is no where near as bad as the new tardis interior.

                        the walls are fine....but what is it with it being all dark.
                        not to mention the faux 'crystaline' structures and the console.
                        it really is a horrible just looks so obviously fake.
                        hell the original tarids set from the First Doctor looked more realistic/functional.
                        and then there is the isnt tardis blue no more..but has some kind of teal tint to it.

                        i am still a fan and will continue to watch..but is like they trying to kill the series.