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the musical episode

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  • the musical episode

    every american show does at least one, WHY

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    no...not every one....thats like saying all bbc special effects are cheesy.....


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      pretty much every american "drama" show has a musical episode, hell even the simpsons did it (quite a few times), hell even flash and supergirl did one. look at any longish running american show and it will have a musical episode.

      hell just to list some.....

      Buffy, Scrubs, Riverdale, Xena, Fringe, How I met your mother, Futurama, American dad, Family guy, South Park, Father Ted, once upon a time, a couple of the star treks and many many more.


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        Buffy was the first time I noticed it

        It's Always Sunny had a musical episode also.


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          father ted is one of

          and everything you list....none are what i call dramas.
          i see sitcoms...scifi....fantasy....mature cartoons....teen mystery

          waht about greays anatomiy, breaking bad, criminal minds, the law and orders or ncis shows and stuff like that?


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            Why not? And which episode of Father Ted is a musical?


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              It's not so much a musical, they just spend a lot of time on their lovely horse and a sax solo that was bad.

              The fact is it is becoming a staple in TV shows more so in America, as proven by the fact you list even more.


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                well i dont see it.....but then again i am picky of what i watch.
                the last one i saw of the shows i watch was the flash a couple seasons back.


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                  wonder if guardians of the galaxy was the marvel attempt since it really plays on music. baby groot mr blue sky is still the best use of CGI in any film.


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                    Having lots of music doesn't equal a musical. But yes it's not uncommon for a TV comedy series to have a musical episode, it's just a nice bit of variety I think.

                    And the best use of CGI is probably the times when you don't realise it's CGI.


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                      Have to admit, Buffy was the only one I actually noticed.
                      Maybe a lack of imagination and wish to do something different in long running shows?