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a random sort of MCU question I just noticed........

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  • a random sort of MCU question I just noticed........

    so I've been rewatching a lot of films recently and I was rewatching one that I guess was changed subtly when it got made HD, at the start of Men In Black either I've never noticed it before or they changed it to "base on a comic by Marvel" so as you already guessed I never knew it was a Marvel IP (not really but Marvel bought the comic firm who made it originally) so if the MIB are in Marvel why have they never went after Thor, the Kree, Loki or the numerous other aliens that have landed on earth in Marvel.

    but then I just think there would be something comical about J and K walking up to someone like Thor and telling him what to do.

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    Not all Marvel comics are based in the MCU.
    It's a muliverse thing.


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      You can explain anything away with logic.......

      But remember the Spiderman cartoon where he ends up in our universe talking to Stan Lee, but one of the theories is after the Thanos fight to bring X-men in they are going to use one of the battle world stories so they can end up with both universes at risk but end with the universe stabilising with the xmen and mutants being a thing in the MCU then they don't have to explain how they appeared from nowhere rather than just use some bollocks like Xavier was using his powers to hide mutants from the world and make the world forget.