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    Hi, lately I've been thinking about buying a new keyboard as the Microsoft Sidewinder X4 that I have has seen better days, having spilt lots of beer and food into it and having half a space bar that clack clacks like the ...clackers!
    I had wanted some suggestions but I have made up my own mind and have narrowed it down to two that are the same keyboard but different models, the original Corsair K70 and the soon to be released RGB K70. The new one will be quite costly compared to the original so I dont really know which one. Has anybody got a K70 that would like to share their knowledge?
    Sorry for the bad english


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    not quite the same, but I got a ducky shine 3 (full board) with browns, I did put on rubber O rings, but otherwise it is a hell of a lot more responsive than the older boards I had (G15/G19) but as far as typing goes and gaming goes the keyboard is a massive improvement, so mechanicals are worth the price if you get a good one, but I would really look into the switches as the different colours can be very different.


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      I got the k70 RGB browns in the end. Last week lol