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  • new chair.

    so I've had this Ikea chair for the last decade but it was in blue fabric instead of pleather. it's been a good chair only had to change the gas cylinder once, but now it has holes in the fabric and the metal is starting to show signs of wear, so it's time for it to go. looking for something with a full metal frame don't think wood would last as long. anyone got any suggestions on a replacement chair? care more about comfort than most other features, price I'm looking to say well under the £200 mark but will go up to it for something exceptional.

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    I got a pretty average chair. But it was the only one I found that was affordable, good quality and didn't have arms. I needed the no arms bit as I play the guitar and can't sit down and play the guitar on a chair with arms.


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      I got one of those "gaming chairs" last year in the sales, though only use it as a standard chair.
      I think it was about £50 (reduced from some silly price)


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        when in need of a new chair i just goto local office supply stores and find one that is comfortable.