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  • It's time..........

    for me to make the longest lasting decision I ever make, what phone will be may right arm for the next 2 years.

    as it stands I have 2 main contenders, the Note 9 and Pixel 3 XL (when it comes out in october)

    the Note looks nice and Samsung do normally make solid devices with great screens (I'll ignore my Note 7 and just hope it was a blip) the phone is nice it has a big screen and a huge battery behind it, meaning it will likely have a great battery life as the Note 7 did (blowing up batteries doesn't affect battery life does it?) the Samsung screens built in house are normally the best on any device, the base level comes with a generous 128GB of storage and space for a memory card. the price isn't really an Issue here as Samsung are offering them on interest free and I can still get £150 for my old old S6, meaning with a sim only deal I can likely come out cheaper in the long run.

    the main problem is the Software, Samsung are quite slow at getting out android updates, hell the Note 9 released with android 8.1 while my Pixel XL is running on 9. also fuck Bixby, it even makes Siri look intelligent.

    as for the Pixel 3 XL, it gets the android updates on the day they go live, the software is generally more streamlined and sees less slow down over time, the hardware and machine learning Google uses also helps the devices a lot. the Pixel launcher is also one of the best on Android it does what it needs to while keeping the phone running well. between AI and tech they also manage to take some of the best photos despite having a single lense.

    the problems come when you start looking at the hardware in the unannounced phone that is that far into the wild people are selling them on the black market, they have a smaller battery than the 2 XL, either they are hoping the new AI battery in Android 9 makes it last longer or they have been messing somewhere else, but either way it is a small battery. then you have that horrid massive notch on the screen, it's like they tried to take the trend of the moment that is the notch but made it fucking huge. the price is also likely to be quite high to get to the 128GB version then you also don't have a SD card slot.

    so I don't know what way to go, either direct to Samsung or wait the extra month and get a Pixel for the Google software and hope it can fix the seeming shortcomings of the hardware.

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    I ordered a Note 9.........

    I did like my Note 7 the month or so I had it, just got to hope this one is less explody.


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      I had S5, S7 and then switched to Google for the pixel 2. I think I'll go back to samsung next time. The Pixel has some good convenience features but I preferred the performance of the samsung.


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        the Pixel XL actually kept it's performance for the 2 years, the S6 showed signs of slowing after 12 months, but I liked my Note 7 and S6, the only thing the Pixel really has going for it on the new leaks is the pure android and update support, it doesn't have a lot of new features that haven't been back dated to the originals with Android Pie.


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          So got my Note 9 yesterday set it all up last night, has now been running since 6am without any charging, played games watched Netflix used Google maps and even made a couple of phone calls, a lot of internet as well, my phone is still at 36% charge, so battery is looking good.