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  • Battletech

    ok...if i could write a lick i would do an articel but im no Rabbit.
    Battletech.......i have been playing the tabletop since 1984...have owned all the pc games and most of the console versions.
    I backed this new game on kickstarter.

    i have played 37 hours of this game since it launched last tuesday,
    it is worth a buy if you like turn based squad (xcom) with some healthy rpg thrown in.
    it has a few issues for a new game but in my opinion they are minor and not game breaking

    if you have any questions about the game or the lore just ask

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    Sounds good. I was actually going to ask people here if they had picked it up as it looks like fun


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        TBS mech game.


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          turn based is too slow, I always get bored.


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            Originally posted by Belimawr View Post
            turn based is too slow, I always get bored.
            well..this also has quite a bit of role playing well as having to manage finances, time for repairs and time to heal and travel time.

            you decide your ancestry.....why you ended up on your own and what kind of mechwarrior you start out as...all of which affects choices your are given

            cut scenes are all voiced along witht he rest being text with answer choices.

            there are also reandom encounters which can benefit or penalize you

            for those who are not up on lore...certain words are highlighted and mousing over will give you more info on them

            i spend probably as much time out of combat as i do in it trying to balance everything.


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              interesting tidbit....

              the tabletop game debuted my senior year in 1984 as Battledroids...but was quickly changed to Batteltech becuase ole George Lucas had rights to the term 'droids'
              this wasnt the only copyright issue to plague battletech as about 2/3s of the designs it used to its mechs were all lifted from mecha anime of the 70s and early 80s
              this led to a lawsuit by harmony gold and caused some of the most popular ones to become known as the 'unseen' they still existed in the lore and game but the owners of battletech (FASA)
              could not mention or make anymore minis of those designs


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                I'm certainly going to get this, but probably in a few months once I've gotten through a few of the backlog.
                And, erm, Total War Britannia.
                Maybe I'll fire up MechCommander gold!


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                  the guy responsible for the mechcommander games is in charge over at Harebrained Schemes along with the creator of FASA/Battletech/Shadowrun


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                    I'm JackRabbit…...and I approve of this thread.


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                      Ok, I've taken the plunge. Will see what this is like.