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Ok, ok! Fine! I’ll try streaming.... geesh...

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    Alrighty, signed up to Twitch just to give you a follow. I hate it when your username of choice is already taken!

    Nice that you're getting a dedicated mic, audio quality is half the battle!


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      Spank you very much.

      yeah, I think I could get by with the cameras mike, but it’s not great, and as it’s a stream I agree that the sound is important!


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        If you get the money stuff active it turns out prime gives me a free subscription to a channel each month, so you could get free money even if it is buttons.


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          Free money is free money. I’ll take it :-)

          to monetise I need the following:
          -8.5 hrs streamed content a month
          - 50+ followers with an average of at least 3 viewers a stream
          -at least 6 streams a month.

          eminently doable. Even if I’m awful, I should be able to get 3 viewers. My schedule may be my biggest hurdle as I plan to usually stream after 10pm. However I’m not clear if views of videos post stream count towards anything- as I’m already past as of 3 on that.
          ill have to check.

          potentially doing next stream tonight at 10pm. So I’ll see if I can attract more than 3 (my record so far lol)


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            I would watch but I have a strange and complicated opinion of streaming, the simple way to put it is I just don't get it. when I was raiding properly in WoW I couldn't even get through the raid videos, I just went from a quick cheat sheet guide, it just feels wrong for me to watch a game as entertainment.


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              No probs fella. It’s not everyone’s cup of steaming herb infused water with animal based lipid and fat solution.

              no judging here (judged).


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                It will be interesting to see if, as arthritis sets in and once acute reflexes are reduced to that of the normies, old gamers start watching more e-sports (and streams) in the way that obese shaven headed luddites watch traditional sports whilst bemoaning their own missed opportunities of greatness.


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                  but at 33 I've already passed the prime of my gaming. my prime was back around 2000 when FPS's were for real men and a zerg rush actually involved the Zerg.


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                    Well I’m 36, and I’m pretty sure I’m as good as I ever was. Not that that’s saying much.

                    Games are are a lot easier now, so I still like the instadeath games occasionally to hone the skills.

                    its odd, im not sure I’ll watch esports as they stand given they’re effectively aimed at teenagers. Give me a more mature version- maybe drag of the day presented by someone else who eats crisps and it could work.


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                      Ok so now we know, spats wants a drag of the day.............. Maybe he should just go to Thailand.

                      But for me eSports are the problem with modern games, developers just want to go after that crowd and it's killing single player and making dull games that are all the same because the special little snow flakes can't deal with the old school rock paper scissors balance in games, meaning sometimes they actually have to think settings up a team.


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                        I don't think games are a lot worse than they used to be. You still get a few special games every year. Just all the mediocre games are now all clones of each other. Makes buying games easier.

                        Also, I'm feeling better at games than I used to be now I'm 35. But I was never a prodigy.


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                          Not really as the junk ends up burying the good games, it's the one thing Sony had right with the PS3 they made it hard to work on purely to reduce the number of crap titles. It's another reason I hate steam every day it gets filled with more and more shit making it near impossible to find good games.


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                            If you read enough gaming news you should be able to get enough good games. The switch eshop is becoming flooded like you say though


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                              Damnit! Frag not drag. Damned autocorrect..... or was it....

                              hate to to say it, but I feel gaming went shit Shen cross platform games became the norm. The minute a game is announced and it’s also on shitebox and pensioner4 I pretty much switch off straight away.

                              Also agree with alm- there is a lot of shit out there, but it just makes it easier to pick out good ones. That said, genuinely can’t remember the last ‘great’ game I played.


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                                cross platform isn't the problem, the problem is accessibility, firms learnt that by making the game open to everyone they could get way more sales, rather than making a difficult game that will likely get a cult following but would generally get much lower sales. it's something that has been seen with pretty much every genre of game, but the best example of it is the MMO market, in the early days you had a majority of sandbox and open games that let the player choose and play how they wanted. but then along came WoW, it took the best bits of every MMO on the market making a highly accessible game that held the hand of the player from beginning to end, so it became popular as everyone could play it. then every other developer saw that success and chose to screw over their existing fan bases to try to go after the big numbers.

                                best example of that was star wars galaxies, it had a hell of a community, it's the only game I've played where people would happily stand in the line (an orderly one at that) and wait for a buff, people played the entire game without ever doing combat, it truly was an open game ran by the players for the players, then LA saw the success of WoW, they then came in and pushed in an update that SOE at the time hadn't prepared for (they actually built a full expansion on the old system that was released only just before the new one was announced) changing from the player ran system and player created content to move over to a closed class half arsed story driven game, overnight the game changed from a thriving game with a good community, to a ghost town with a bunch of new players with no respect for anyone as they no longer needed other players to play. basically destroying a game that would likely still be running now with it's dedicated fan base. the example that this system can work is EVE, they chose to support their fans and keep the course rather than chase the WoW numbers meaning they can keep running on their dedicated fan base.

                                so yeah that's my bit rant, so guess yeah esports and homogenization are the things that set me off.

                                just wish more firms would do something different and aim for the smaller steady market instead of trying to aim for stupid numbers then failing because they just made another clone. it's like last year it was DOTA and now this year it seems everyone is doing battle royal, it's basically just FOTM game development, bit like all the firmed who did a crap job putting in a screen notch on their phones because they saw the iPhone do it and wanted to copy it but didn't do anything to actually utilise it. (but then guess google is planning on having them in the pixel 3 since they are baking support for it into android P)