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Ok, ok! Fine! I’ll try streaming.... geesh...

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  • Ok, ok! Fine! I’ll try streaming.... geesh...

    So. I’ve decided to give streaming a go.

    primarily PUbG in twitch (under Spats1e of ‘Bad Dad Gaming’), but I’m planning to do a few others- probs Xcom n the like.

    Did my first one the other night- no camera yet (ordered), so sound only, but thoroughly enjoyed it. Also had 3 viewers, and one who actually interacted.

    there could be something in this.

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    Good luck


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      oh god, not another one.........


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        That you are so lazy to even include a link does not bode well.


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          Lol. You suck! (Sorry, are we supposed to be being supportive here?)


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            OK I watched your longer stream.
            I say watched, I had it on whilst I was cooking dinner.
            It's a bit, well, sorry, but dull (most gaming streams are)
            Try watching Yamicks on YouTube
            Or obsidian ant (whose voice style I think is more similar to yours)
            Or even
            Not the same games, but the skills are transferable.
            Personally, I think you might be onto something with the "bad dad" aspect.
            A lot of these streamers are kids/young adults with no responsibilities or families, and if you included pater on how to incorporate how to be a hands on dad with a hobby of gaming there might be a whole market you could tap into.
            But then, what do I know, I only occasionally write bile, and the only people who read it are you lot!


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              Oh I totally agree, first one was toilet. it is surprisingly hard to maintain a meaningful conversation while playing a game like PUbG. Multitasking is a bitch. The fact first person I was taking to was a ten year old (pleasant as they were), was also difficult as it limited my scope of reference and language quite a bit.

              i treated it as a tech demo. It crashed twice and I had bandwidth issues (though that night I think they were server side). I’m still waiting for the camera and better mike to arrive. But I need to be more engaging. I think I had moments when it was almost watchable, but totally agree that there were large portions of not much going on.

              ironically I think it’s harder as you start off as you don’t have the audience to bounce off- I agree that the dad angle is a good one (hence picking it) and I’m planning to riff off that more, and to peddle a bit of gaming nostalgia/quiz as well.

              was first, almost half hearted outing- but I actually really enjoyed it. It’s surprisingly good fun and having someone watching/engaging added another dimension that I quite liked.

              i also plan to sing a lot. Weirdly, I’m scarily good at making up funny songs (using established tunes) on the spot. And well, fuck you all- I think that’s funny.

              but yeah- any comments/suggestions/criticism gleefully accepted.

              gotta admit I sound sexy AF tho....


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                Also- worst few games of PUbG I’ve ever had lol


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                  Jerry killed you good.

                  I'm not really a fan of watching streamers, I don't mind watching some youtube videos now and again but they're mostly of high rated players in games like Overwatch and even then I don't find them that interesting they're mostly to see if I can learn something.

                  I don't like them videos JR suggested either, they sound like they're trying a bit much to be entertaining don't go down that path.
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                    Didn’t they just.

                    yeah, trying to find my own style. Just did another one and I ended up talking about Xcom and Xcom2 for 40 mins.... while playing PUbG.

                    Better showing this time 4 kills in 3 games, but still. Taking a While to get used to this

                    may do xcom2 next :-)


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                      "People in entertainment industry in trying to be entertaining shock horror!"
                      Have you considered, not so much making a script, but just jotting down a few subjects that you could talk about when the action is a bit dull?
                      Whilst I do like the three streamers I mentioned (though in fairness, I don't so much watch them as I do have them on whilst playing stuff like Civ or EUIV) and what I have noticed is that it's very much like radio shows where "dead air" is the bane. (Possibly sport is the same, how would I know?)
                      But the three I said had very different styles.
                      Obsidian Ant is very much the informative "give information" style (and sounds like Ian Drury. I bet he has a rhythm stick somewhere)
                      Yamicks is a clown who focuses more on humour (particularly innuendo, not sure why that would relate to Spats ¬¬)
                      And the "lifes a glitch" two show how two people interacting can help with a stream (a format that's pretty common on the radio)
                      Like them or not, they all have pretty popular channels so must be doing something right.
                      They don't even flash their tits!
                      (And I agree, don't do what they do, they are already doing that! Any decent biologist knows that for something to thrive, it needs to find a niche and exploit it better than anything else can!)


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                        my son watches streamers game all the frikkin time...i dont get it...but wahtever
                        his two favourites are markiplier and some irish..maybe scottish dude with high pitched voice...
                        besides the game aspect..for him its humour and reactions that gets him to watch


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                          Yeah, I didn’t quite mean script- but in a list of things to talk about just as you mentioned.

                          My second stream went better- felt more natural.

                          pubg is perhaps a bad game to try to start with as it requires a lot of content concentration and you to listen for noise ques in places, which can interrupt the flow.

                          now I’ve got my camera I may do next one with Xcom.

                          i think once I get comfortable I can then settle into my own style and hopefully carve a slightly older niche.

                          am enjoying it so far tho, so that’s a plus.

                          unclecid- I’ve heard similar too. Reactions and humour. I have a very expressionful (it’s a word) face- so the camer will help me on that. Once the people have stopped vomiting that is.


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                            I did camera-ness. I also shouted out to JR.... kinda....


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