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    Looks like Blizzard are giving the fans what they want... in vanilla WoW servers:

    I initially thought it was too late for me to go back to WoW but I may try it out out of curiosity.

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    people will go back say it's the best thing ever then a couple of months down the line they will realise why things moved on and there will be a mass exodus and claims that blizzard changed stuff or didn't go to the right patch.


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      I will probably get bored of it after a month even if it's great. I never seem to have the commitment for MMOs


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        If classic WOW doesn't have Looking For Dungeon and Looking for Raid and cross realms etc then it will be great, people will know eachother throughout the realm and it will feel like an MMORPG again, instancing too many things is what made WOW so soulless and shit.


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          Yeah boa but those are also features that lead to the peak of WoW it's the same as people like to claim vanilla was harder, but when the difference in difficulty was an elite had a spell and raid bosses had 2 that isn't really difficult, the difficulty came from the fact bosses were locked behind RNG as they required set amounts of resistance gear, so your guild only ever got as far as your loot drops let you.

          As I've said this is something people like to say was better because of rose tinted glasses and the fact it was most people's first mmo experience so it was fresh and new, but as I've said you will have the hipsters claiming it's the best thing ever for a month or 2 but the wider player base likely wouldn't even make it past half the level cap due to how much of a grind it was back then.


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            Those features came into play near the end of Wrath which could arguably be around the time the game started to decline, definitely started to decrease in active subs, so I wouldn't say those features contributed to WOW hitting its peak. It's funny because a lot of the things they added to the game back in Wrath have had a negative impact on the game I think especially a lot of the PVP changes they made. They are definitely features which ruined the community aspect of the game, loss of accountability for players and they basically just allowed every player the opportunity to see all the content without actually putting any effort into playing the game, you get players these days not even doing anything in LFR, they toggle follow on another player and do nothing. I liked that people knew eachother back then and who to avoid grouping with and who is good at playing their class and so forth. These features would ruin it for me.

            Undoubtedly it's not going to be the same as it was back then, I probably am looking back at it more fondly than I should.

            You can buy your subscription now with gold for the past year or so, I wonder how many people will actually want to even play classic WOW when the gold you accumulate is nowhere near what you can make now 10000 gold back then was pretty wealthy, you can make that in a minute or so now and save forking out real money to play.
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              For EU tokens they have been hitting 80k gold area so even end game legion it isn't easy