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  • Total Warhammer II

    Yeh, it would take a month of solid playtime to give it enough time to write a reveiw, and yes the AI still makes some rather questionable decisions (like invading my lands with a single elf prince. He was rather tasty).
    And yes, it has Skaven as a playable race from the outset (so is immediately 100% better)
    But I'm giving it the thumbs up.

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    My issue with the first one was the AI, it's not as bad as Civilization AI, but it's not up to scratch. The whole Empire states tend to be pointless since the whole map gets turned over when Chaos arrives. There should be more events in the game I think, reminds me of Crusader Kings 2 when the Mongols show up and conquer a lot of the map, it happens too quickly and there doesn't seem to be anything to counteract it and you end up left with 1/3 the map razed to Chaos.


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      I don't tend to play as empire factions. I only played the first as Vampire and this one as Skaven (NATCH).
      Truthfully, I think it's probably impossible to review the game with any level of accuracy without many months of time to play it.
      As I understand it, and if it's anything like the first one, each faction plays very differently, and each faction requires tens of hours to play properly.