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  • Autism!

    So this is a subject witch offends me and is used to debase and insult the majority of the online populace!

    I have a member of my family who is severely autistic, he has never spoken a word to his mother/uncle/grandfather etc.. He is severely autistic when you compare him to others on the autism spectrum.

    My offense comes at when people regard everyone "on the spectrum" to some extent, Are you loner? do you prefer the company of yourself to others? then you may be autistic....... Do you find yourself repeating phrases that others have said while gesticulating in an animated fasion to articulate your point, then you may be on the spectrum of autism. Do you find you struggle in social situations? then you may have autism?

    Do you see how fucking absurd this? if I choose to be a recluse and isolate myself from the rest of the world then does that make me somewhat autistic?

    Ultimately I feel that this is an insult to regular people and autistic people alike in trying to categorize them into one type. ADHD? your kid just genuinely behaves like shit, then he may have autism.

    Edit: Was a little drunk while writing this, but I still think it's nonsense that people think everyone is sort of on the spectrum.
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    Funny you mention ADHD as autism is the new catch all, your kid was a cunt and didn't listen they had ADHD let's medicate them so it's not the parents fault, but then they realised how many kids they were drugging so had to pull back but still needed an explanation for parents who couldn't control their kids.

    So they saw autism and basically gave it a spectrum that far reaching that the majority of adults would come into the spectrum at some point. Yes there are real cases where the person is that bad they can't really function but the majority of it is just telling parents it's not their fault little Timmy has no mates and beats up other kids.

    Honestly to me it's just medical people moving from one easy answer to another rather than actual looking at the root problem that could just be the parents brought their kid up to be a cunt.

    But then I feel the same way as this gluten free bull shit, people claim to have allergies now because it's became fashionable to have one and be intolerant to something you have are your entire life without problems and likely still eat as a drunken snack.

    It's just the sad way the world is going and medical professionals justify these idiots.


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      i hear ya.
      it pisses me off alot.
      my son has severe adhd...he is basically borderline Aspergers


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        Show me a kid with "ADHD", and I will show you a kid with a shit parent.


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          ok then then if my kid doesnt have adhd then what does he have?


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            ADHD was an easy answer for doctors when a kid just didn't want to listen. It was a simple answer to many complex questions so the doctors used it. 9 times out of 10 it is shity parenting, the other times it's misdiagnosis as it's the simple answer that most parents will swallow.

            As I said if you look at ADHD it was mainly 90s to early 00s then you see the scales tip and we go into the autism is the answer age. Doctors use these as an easy way to get out of actually looking at the child by giving a broad diagnosis that covers just about anything not actually an illness and basically let's the parents think it is the solution.

            I know this as I have been on the wrong side of this discussion as being a little cunt my parents did get me tested for all sorts before ADHD and autism became a thing but I was intelligent enough even then to basically disprove anything they wanted to class me as. I know if I went and acted normally I could be classed as ADHD, autistic and a sociopath, but ultimately I can control my personality depending on who is around me and what I want to achieve, but really it doesn't affect my day to day life I just don't get attached to people or things.


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              I can believe it either way. I would think it's probably more likely to be a real thing. It's one of those things that are easy to band-wagon against.


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                I see it day in day out in my clinics.
                Small kids, fed on high sugar, high additive low nutritional value "foods", brought by a parent who, whilst their kids runs around the waiting room, is glued to their smartphone.
                IF ADHD actually exists (and that's a big IF that even the chap who first came up with the theory wasn't entirely convinced) it's massively overly misdiagnosed.
                I once had a six year old child brought into the clinic room drinking a can of "Monster" ( one of those "energy drinks" which, quite frankly, adults shouldn't fucking drink) the first words out of their parents mouth "You know he has ADHD?"
                And, I might add, my Nephew was, apparently, diagnosed with ADHD. Strangely enough, managed to behave himself perfectly whenever he stayed with me (sometimes for several days) but would revert to demonic terror the moment one of his parents turned up.
                As I understand it (I may be wrong) you are separated from the mother of your child, are you entirely certain their mother places boundaries, and more importantly enforces those boundaries?
                Do you?
                Have either you or her ever used the phrase "I'm not just their mom/dad but their best friend"?


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                  haha I love you guys. You're like a more intelligent echo of my thoughts.

                  Mothers though have a great deal to answer for! they are greatly studied when it comes to psychopaths and how a person grows into an anti-social person who inevitably ends up in prison for a crime and either re-offends or ends up straightening himself out due to growing up. Bad parents are the most obvious answer.

                  It does make me wonder how a kid ends up autistic in the first place when you have parents who knowingly drink alcohol and do drugs while they're pregnant etc.. but then how does it look to put blame for a kid having a condition on the fault of the mother, it is unforgivable,, but that is just my hypothesis


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                    My niece is a little bastard for doing what you tell her not to and her dad thinks she might be autistic, I told him she's just 2 it's what she should be doing to learn what she can and can't get away with. To me at that age it's no different to training a puppy they can't tell you what they want properly and they don't fully understand you (but then I need to watch more tumble as she knows some sign language better than the actual words) but you can still get them to do what you want.

                    Funnily enough dog is 2 weeks younger than my niece and my niece can control the dog using hand gestures as that's what I mainly use as I hate having to keep repeating myself, when instead I can click my fingers and point.

                    But yeah all kids are cunts if you don't get them not to be, as I said my niece's dad thinks she could be autistic and have ADHD but when she walks up to me says my name and asks for paw patrol please (she knows I know how to stream) then sits with full attention for the entire show. I would say that points the other direction and maybe a minor TV addiction but paw patrol is better than pepper pig I got so bored of that.


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                      hah that's class Bel! sounds like her parents are just half assed! No offense intended.

                      At least she has an uncle with a bit of a brain.

                      Edit: HahaI just noticed you insulted Unclecid's parenting capabilities JR you absolute savage!
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                        In fairness Boa, I might only have insulted the abilities of the mother ¬¬.
                        But it does get to part of the problem, even raise the possibility that, "actually Mrs Smith, your kid is faking his illness,"; "he's not being bullied, he's the bully," "their behaviour might be a reflection of their homelife" and you get all sorts of "I know my kid"/"Are you calling me a shit parent" etc
                        And quite frankly yes. A lot of these kids DO have shit parents and we should be able to tell parents this.
                        Not all of them, I have seen little shits, sorry I mean little angels tearing up the waiting room whilst the parent does everything short of beating them to a pulp to get them to behave, but they are the minority.
                        I'm not making any kind of claim as to Cids particular circumstance (having not seen his kid, or even him!) but neither will I change my opinion because he might or might not find it offensive.
                        It reminds me of the time one of my work colleagues told us the tale of how she threw a kitchen knife at her husband and then said how she wasn't a violent person. She was offended when I burst out laughing, pointing out that non violent people tended to avoid throwing knives at people!


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                          I have a mental health condition, and I've had people thinking I'm just making it up.

                          The difference with my medication is amazing.

                          So I'm more on the side of those with ADHD, even if the vast majority is a misdiagnosis.

                          Too many shit medical practitioners JR ¬.¬


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                            My attention is shit at most things but I put that down to most people are boring as fuck.

                            The only time I can really concentrate and to an insane level is actually when I'm building something like Lego it's why I love Lego so much as I lack the skill to do stuff like wood work, I can do metal work and would love to learn something like forging but it's way too expensive for a hobby.

                            Either that or having to solve a problem with technology, I can lose hours to that and not notice if I get something I can't work out.

                            But like I said my problems don't really affect me, so never felt the need to look at them more so because of my general hate of medical establishments and distrust of medical professionals. (It's why I keep a close eye on JR)


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                              Whilst I like tech, there are some things where my brain just fails.

                              I don't think I'm just stupid. I think it's more down to brain chemistry. Luckily I've found a job I'm not shit at. If that goes I'm fucked though.