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    Originally posted by JackRabbit View Post
    Cunt or fucking Jonson. I know all the Tories have fled, but c'mon, someone explain this?
    Drought of decent MPs?


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      I'm wanting a televised meeting of Johnson, Trump and Putin when he inevitably wins, I just think that would be the most comical thing ever.

      Still be interesting to see how he manages to get out of killing his career with Brexit as he will never get enough support from the MP's or the EU to actually get any agreement.

      More interesting is what do people think of the MP who blatantly assaulted that woman on camera? Fair enough stop her but you don't stop someone like that then you shout for security you don't drag them out by the neck, he's a total fuckwit.


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        On that MP who assaulted a woman on camera.
        That woman was a trespassing protestor.
        Much as it galls me to defend the twat (The MP, obviously), if the protestor had been male, it wouldn't even be a story.


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          Our next PM! bully boy BOJO!

          Edit: Damn I forgot how to write bully.
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            Yeah wouldn't have been a story if it was a man, but really it should be, no matter the sex of both people it was wrong the way it was handled.

            They have security to deal with that type of person, as I said fair enough stop and challenge them but really security should have removed them correctly rather than dragged out by the scruff of the neck by a random person.


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              Anyone bet on Politics? some good odds on the % of the vote Boris will win by 60-65% those type of bets.


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                Whoever wins, we lose.