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  • Leaflet fuckwits

    they are the scum of the earth and should be put to death, it's spam crossed with blatant littering.

    So today I was in Asda and int eh car park someone got out of a car and started putting leaflets for pro brexit bull shit for the european elections on the windows of cars, from his nice shiny new car that wasn't british built. he had parked near my car and and I saw him get out and put the stupid leaflet with a picture of farage on my windscreen, so rather than litter I chose to take the environmentally conscious route and placed the leaflet back on the wankers windscreen.

    making it pretty obvious what I was doing as he was watching people walk about, he came running across the car park to complain that me doing that could of damaged his car and was technically littering, got into a rather large argument with him when I pointed out to the idiot he was doing the same thing but on a much larger scale to a much larger number of cars increasing the odds of causing damage. at that point he started to get a bit aggressive, I'm still recovering from my rib but I ain't backing down, next thing I know Asda security turns up break things up. when I explain the situation the Asda security tell him to leave and that he will be reported to the police as they are sick of cleaning up his leaflets he had apparently been doing it for the last week or so causing a serious problem with litter due to people not wanting their shit.

    so it turns out being a dick towards a fuckwit can workout in your favour.

    but why aren't these type of things made illegal, the vast majority of people don't want the leaflet and wont find a litter bin, they do damage peoples property and they are causing a nuisance, if I sent a bunch of spam emails my accounts would get shut down, but these idiots are left to litter on peoples vehicles unchecked unless the car park has strict policies against flyering, fortunately that is something that seems to be popping up in more and more car parks but these firms still go in they just park off site and walk in hoping they don't get caught.

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    Yeah they are bad, but cold callers are worse. Not sure if they are in decline but at one point was getting 10 calls a day


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      cold callers can be stopped for the most part, certain provides offer the option to have them blocked, in on a higher package with EE and it includes no cold calling, rarely ever get them now, when I do it's normally from an area code designated to fake numbers. so basically the people who you aint blocking because they are illegal from the start.

      door to door has pretty much died these days because more people pushed the trespass rules (my work actually got caught out on that with a complaint for swinging a crane over the top of a garden as it is still classed as trespass apparently to invade their air space) so they rarely come to peoples houses now as the legal side got to murky, as technically if you do not want someone on your property they can't legally enter it, so if you tell a firm to get off your property and never return if they come back they are are breaking the law, it is the same with cold callers under the laws if you tell them to remove your details and never call again by law they have to comply with your request and if they fail they can be reported for harassment.

      it's why door to door and cold calling (unless highly illegal) has all but died out as the "legitimate" firms have been threatened that much it is a minefield for them to come for people. the flyer drop people follow different rules as they are generally dodgy little companies that change their name or disappear for a bit making it hard to fight them and make a complaint against them, recently I had a problem with a local church keep coming to my door despite telling them I don't believe in religion, it took burning their literature in front of them with a blow torch and a threat of a harassment complaint for them to stop coming to my door.


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        I'm always in need of lining for the rabbit cage.
        As for cold callers, I kind of feel sorry for them.
        Their life must really be at a low point to have to take on such demeaning work.
        A simple "No thank you" seems to work for 99% of them.
        Of course I absolutely LOVE religious cold callers. I like nothing better than a good theological debate.
        That said, the Mormons who visited went from impressed that I knew about John Smith to offended when I described him as "the one with the magic hat".
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