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    So I screwed up my neck again (YAY!) So as you can't get a GP appointment due to old people, I went to the out of hours service, while I did get an appointment same day, I don't totally understand the point of it. Yes he said what I already knew, my shoulder is dodgy and gave me some medication (not the fun pain killers tho, ) also advised I shouldn't go to work, but then told me he could make a note that I needed a sick note but he couldn't give me one as he's not my actual GP. So what is the point of this? While I do get to know what is wrong a bit quicker and some meds, it just seems strange I'm possibly now still going to have to see my GP just to get a sick note.

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    I think my brother had the exact same issue as you describe, he fucked up his leg and had to get a screw put in at the hospital, he then had to get a sick note from the GP and he went through the exact thing you described, he had to hop to the doctors surgery on crutches twice just to get a sick note haha.


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      thats wierd.

      over here you can get a sick note if ya dont go to your own doctor.
      regardless of whether it is the ER of an urgent care (like your out of hours) the docs there do what is needed.


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        urgent care isn't out of hours, out of hours is meant to be there as an accessible service for people how can't really attend during normal working times, you still need an appointment to go to them, basically a handful of doctors work back late/early to come outside normal practice times. then you have A&E that you go to for nasty shit then an urgent care centre where you can more or less just walk in and wait to be seen. use to also be drop in centres but they seem to even want appointments now.

        basically it's a total mess and confusing as fuck, leading to nothing more than me having to take up multiple appointments to achieve what could have been done in one go, got in my GP this morning as got on the phone for them opening as they have to give some same day appointment's by law, went this morning sat and waited then went in saw the doctor who had the notes from the doctor last night and basically said here you go there's a sick note, making it basically a pointless appointment, just have the doctor print a bit of paper.

        hell here even if you pay for private you have to seen your NHS GP to get transferred, they do it quick enough because they aren't paying.


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          Blame the government, it's all down to this "you must only wait 4 hours to be seen" bullshit.
          In theory, yes, no-one likes waiting, but the problem is that if 100 people walk through the door at the same time, a good proportion of those people are going to be waiting more than four hours.
          And when that happens, the hospital gets fined, and so has even less money to spend on it's walk in services.
          So they just cancel walk in services and make them appointment only.
          Just remember, this is absolutely nothing to do with chronic underfunding of the healthcare service so the Tories can poor efficiency as an excuse to sell it to their rich mates.
          As for the "sick note" thing, again, down to Camerons "Bottom up" (Because he categorically stated that he wouldn't implement a top down) reform of the NHS which put the purse strings in the hands of GP.
          I usually jump to the defence of the NHS, but it has systematically been getting worse since 2010, though I'm unsure as to which event that year could be responsible for it.
          Honest Guv
          (It's all Spat's fault).


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            I still hate the NHS, got asked if I had numbness between my legs and told I'm really strong and very supple, I thought I got lost and ran into a porn video.......


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              Nothing stopping you going private.


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                Don't need to I'm pretty much sorted, as the lady doctor said as usual if I had got to her weeks ago she could of helped, but by the time you work through the NHS you're pretty much better.

                Suppose it's one way to keep costs down.