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  • Puppy chews

    So I got a puppy a little while ago he's now just over 4 months and teething, so being a world class chewer as labs are I'm struggling to keep him in toys, he likes chewing rope but puppy razor teeth can actually shred the rope in a couple of hours if he works on it, even his Kong is worse for wear off his teeth, the question is does anyone know any good strong chew toys that aren't just hard plastic as I don't want to go so hard he damages his puppy teeth. ( Also got him a 8 shaped rope in a plastic centre block and the plastic block is nearly gone and fairing worse than the rope)

    He does like rope but he can pick through it with his teeth if it is too thin, the m&s toy someone bought him is now just down to the big tangled knot in the middle as he chewed the pull bits of and is working on the knot. He also likes rubber toys but even something the quality of a Kong is getting ripped up by his teeth.

    I know it's a long shot but someone might know something good for a strong chewing puppy.

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    Nope. Sorry.
    Bigger rope?


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      Do dogs still eat bones?


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        i highly recommend
        BarkBox is a monthly surprise of dog toys, treats, and goodies! Subscribe to BarkBox for your pup - or give BarkBox as the perfect dog gift.


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          But none of us live in yanky land.......

          Dogs can chew bones but not on puppy teeth.


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            did not realize they dont ship world bad.

            as for your puppy....

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              I feel we need pictures of Bel's baby, maybe a "pets corner" area of the forum!


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                Click image for larger version

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                  Aww bless, but......why the long face?
                  Of course as the owner of a dog, he is your property, and being that he is black....doesn't that technically make you a bit of a racist?