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I'm happy :D

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  • I'm happy :D

    managed to get one of these.........

    first time I've been happy about getting a not that isn't real money. (and yes I do have too much spare money)

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      is that even an insult on here?


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        How much did you pay for it?

        Oh and..


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          got one of the 1000 that were a set price of £100, fuck chasing the auctions on the 50 specials. the 1000 sold out in about 5 minuets so I can see the auctions going fairly high.

          wouldn't be surprised if people aren't already trying to resell them either with how fast they sold.

          but end of the day I got something fairly rare and donated £100 to charity, so that counts as enough good for this year.


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            Are they numbered?


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              the note isn't the certificate may be, it's one of the features of the 50 "premium" notes that they carry different serial numbers.

              I do like the UV trick they put in using note security......

              Click image for larger version

Name:	Star Wars Light side UV.jpg
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Name:	Star Wars Dark side uv.jpg
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                Pfft. I had someone fraudulently spend £2500 on my credit card.
                What sort of fuckwit steals credit card details, then has pizza delivered to their home and buys a cruise?
                If the little moron had been a bit more intelligent, they could have had be buying their pizza for years!


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                  My dad's card got cloned before they got a prescription from specsavers they generally ain't the brightest of people. But yeah I never got why they didn't just keep doing small stuff that is unlikely to get noticed very fast.