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Rampant sexism and sexual assault on Apprentice

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  • Rampant sexism and sexual assault on Apprentice

    A model was leered at openly, objectified by two contestants- one of which while pretending to take measurements ‘touched’ the models groin in a blatant attempt to ‘cop a feel’.

    it was disgusting and a key reminder that sexism is everywhere.

    except it was a woman doing it to a male model, so apparently the bbc thought it was not only ok, but edited into the show with a close up.

    sure glad we’re clamping down on all this sexism....

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    People should write and complain about that sort of thing, not because we actually really care, but because next year when some pro "equality" group or other does a study into media sexism, the statistics are not so heavily skewed in favour of their own particular bias.


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      I noticed that. People would be in an uproar if it were men doing that sort of thing to female models. I'm sure I have seen that type of behavior multiple times in this series from the women. Some of them even resort to objectifying themselves to sell things.

      It's a pretty daft show also, he fired the best candidate in the last episode, that blonde lady. The only real winner is Lord Sugar Bollocks.