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Five year old boy drowns due to inattention by mother

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  • Five year old boy drowns due to inattention by mother

    Stepfather pleads guilty to manslaughter.

    Now personally, I think they should both be charged with manslaughter, but how the fuck is the poor child's mother (you know, the actual primary fucking carer) having manslaughter charges dropped? surely she is MORE culpable than the STEP father?
    Fucking patriarchy my fucking arse.
    I look forward to the feminist campaign demanding this mother treated in the same manner than the stepfather.

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    Stuff like this makes me incredibly angry. Pair of them should be locked up for life.


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      And the stepfather goes down for five years, the mother (you know, the actual parent who is responsible for the welfare of the child) gets eight months suspended.
      I keep getting told how we live in a patriarchy with everything set up for the benefit of men, but I just don't see it.

      (P.S the guy seems to be utter scum, but if we start going around locking people up for being scum, well it would probably solve congestion problems.)


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        if we fined and gave points to all the people driving way way too slow (they are a serious danger) or sitting in the wrong lane, that would also solve congestion, believe it or not these are already laws but the police refuse to enforce them. the entire legal system is a joke, it only gets used to suit the media and not the public.