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So Doctor Who is a woman now

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  • So Doctor Who is a woman now

    Along with Thor, Wolverine and Iron man.
    It's funny people think this is some sort of cataclysmic shift.
    Personally, my favourite response comes from the side that claim buthurt fanboys refusing to watch a female Doctor are just sexist, and even though they never watched it before they are now going to start.
    With absolutely no sense of irony.

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    don't care if it's a bloke a woman or a rabbit in drag as long as it has the writing to back it up.


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      i aint got a problem with it...though i would have preferred it to have happened before pushing a feminist/lgbt agenda became a thing in entertainment.
      i have seen the actress in a few things....dont like her as a blonde though..hope they change that.
      on the plus side...she has worked with Tennant...


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        I still think after Doctor Donna they should have looped back to her getting the Doctor's ability but brought it the other way and made him turn into her, she had the personality and ability to pull it off. but still be interesting to see what this one can bring in.


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          Originally posted by unclecid View Post
          i aint got a problem with it...though i would have preferred it to have happened before pushing a feminist/lgbt agenda became a thing in entertainment.
          Exactly this.
          And the manner in which the role has now been politicised I predict they are going to be in for a shitstorm of abuse the second The Doctor does anything they take offense to.

          Why are the Daleks shooting at the Doctor? Doesn't the BBC realise that normalising violence against women leads to increases in Domestic assault?
          No-one believing the Doctors warnings is indicative of the manner in which the wisdom of women is ignored in our society.
          Why is the Doctor tolerating her male companion mansplaining to her?

          etc, etc, etc


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            but will she get a male companion? or will they stick to female? will nardole stay on? (I hope he does I like him) is bill going to come back since they left her open ended.

            as for people complaining, I found it funny the british film board has said Deadpool is the most complained about film of 2016, for swearing, violence and sex references, what the hell did the people complaining think they were going to watch? it's not as if the trailers hid what it was.


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              More likely to be idiot parents who took their underage kids.
              You know the type, same fuckwits who buy GTA for their ten year olds.


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                You guys have pretty much summed up my thoughts. It was obvious it was going to be a woman- they'd lampshaded it enough.

                id have preferred it to stay a bloke- for narrative reasons (that and I'm a horrible sexist pig), but if the writings good- meh. Personally I'd have liked them kill the 'Dr' off, then have river take over and assume the Dr mantle. Then you could have had a whole generation of female Dr's and a great plot point.

                interesting move though, your core audience tells you they don't want a particular narrative change, you do it anyway. Be interesting to see the ratings past episode 3 (1+2 fall into the curiosity factor).

                and don't be silly, they won't have a male companion- that'll just be another example of men taking over women's roles- making them a minority. Fucking men.


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                  Rory was a companion for a while, but he went on to become a time master.


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                    Well they only went half SJW, she is a white woman. BBC I am disappoint.