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    Now is it just me, or does this story just encapsulate the entire problem with modern feminism.
    The Boy scouts get lambasted for not being "inclusive to girls". The Boy scouts do some soul searching and open themselves up to female members.
    No-one criticises the Girl scouts for not including boys, and indeed refuse to allow them to join as girls need space away from boys to be themselves.
    The Boy scout organisation, which now includes girls, decides to drop the "Boy" from it's name to illustrate the inclusivity that the Girl scouts think is damaging to them.
    The Girl scout organisation sues the Boy scouts for being inclusive.


    • I just can't believe nintendo thought it was fine to give Mr Game and Watch a silhouette that could possibly be a feather on his head.

      I'm sick of people finding everything offensive.


      • i am offended that you find it offensive.


        • It's nearly 3 hours long but I'm finding it very interesting.

          Has criticism of patriarchal tyranny views in it though so I thought it was relevant to this thread.