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    Eets Munchies
    Well it seems that no modern gaming site is complete without a good bit of social championing, from Rock Paper Shotgun and its championing of womens rights to Eurogamer and its championing of womens rights to IGN and its championing of, umm, well yes its womens rights again.
    Now it’s entirely probable that there are other social groups that might possibly be treated in a less than favourable way, but you know, there is only so much time, and you can’t fight for EVERYONE!
    But not to worry, that leaves approximately 50% of the population of the world for us to champion the cause of!
    You give me a game, I’ll tell you why its offensive.
    YAY equality.
    To begin, Eets Munchies.
    Eh? I am sure you exclaim (after a quick google search to find out what Eets Munchies is), that cutsie puzzle game by Klei Entertainment released back in March? What could possible be offensive about that?
    Oh you poor deluded little brainwashed fool.
    For what many have taken as a charmingly enjoyable massage of the cortex is, indeed, a carefully crafted attempt at indoctrinating the user to condone the evils of imperialism!
    Ah, you see it now don’t you.
    It so obvious you wonder how “they” thought they would get away with it.
    The protagonist, a small, personable, but most tellingly WHITE character, with a toothy grin and an insatiable appetite marauds its merry way through the landscape consuming all the resources before being airlifted away to the next exploitable piece of real estate.[ATTACH=CONFIG]n892[/ATTACH]
    Being assisted in its rampage by whales (a more obvious metaphor for oil you couldn’t possibly find) and cannons the only witness to your rapaciousness the gnomes who inhabit the lands and look on in horror as you reduce their lands to ash, leaving them barren and sterile.
    The gnomes themselves with their lavish beards and hats, not to mention that not a single female gnome is to be seen, clearly are an analogy for Muslims! That flatulent pigs are introduced in the desert levels can hardly be seen as co-incidental taking into account the blatant imagery liberally spread throughout the game. [ATTACH=CONFIG]n895[/ATTACH]
    As we all know, media influences impressionable minds, and those who think that they cannot possibly be influenced, are those most at risk. Gamers tend not to be exposed to other forms of media, and so the demonisation that is endemic throughout the print and broadcast media are still not reaching what is now the largest entertainment demographic in the western world, gaming, and we can expect to see more of this sort of subliminal programming in the years to come.
    This is why its so important to take a stand against this sort of thing now.
    So in six months time when you are watching the Western lead military forces shelling Tehrans main square, Just remember YOU could have stopped it, if only you had…..

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      Won't someone please think of the children!

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      haha well that was an interesting read !
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