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Battlefield: Hardline Announced With In Game Footage


  • Battlefield: Hardline Announced With In Game Footage


    Looks like the developers over at DICE are taking a change of scenery. Their newly announced game, Hardline, looks to involve cops and robbers with an introduction video showing heist modes and vehicle chase modes. I, for one, needed a change of scenery from them as I felt Battlefield 4 could have done a little bit more to push the series forward. Though the lack of military may be a bit odd coming from DICE, I more then welcome it. Whether this new new style of gun fighting will bode well with them is yet to be seen by the end of the year.

    Video was reinserted courtesy of Hakary! It does look pretty odd for a Battlefield. We'll see how it is when it releases in November.

    Although I'm happy to see DICE listening to their fans, I was kinda hoping for something in the vain of 2142. I guess this will do.
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    • Belimawr
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      it won't be the first time EA has put a franchise name on a game that should never of had it, I still stand by saying Generals should never have been labeled as Command & Conquer.

    • Hakary
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      I agree with that point, but I did love C&C Generals regardless and now I'm getting nostalgic ...

    • Masterflaw
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      TBH...I think it looks like crap. lol
      After watching the video again, all of the game modes seem like trivial Battlefield side modes that would get boring after a week or so.
      Conquest will be there for sure, but honestly? where do the military vehicles fit into all of this? and what the hell is the point of BF without them. Keep your mustangs and convertibles lol, if it doesn't have a gun on's pointless....Not to mention I have BF 3 and 4 which still do the job if I grow out of being tired of it.

      As for the SP...all that was shown has been done before, and I feel they're destined to do it much, much, worse(Watchdogs is an example). It's great that they want to flesh out the SP and add a few features in order make it less linear, but those features can be had in other games. Unless they create a 15-20 hour show stopper with a damn good illusion of choice, they are going to make a game that's not even half of what already has been put out.

      I'd like to be wrong about this, but I doubt it. I have a feeling that not only is this game going to be cast out by users but be a critical disaster as well, or maybe I'm just angry they won't put out a 2142 on this damn engine.
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