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A New Development From Turtle Rock: Evolve


  • A New Development From Turtle Rock: Evolve

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    Evolve is a Co-op shooter being developed by Turtle Rock Studio’s. Those familiar with the Left for Dead series already know Turtle Rocks work, and how effective they can be with creating a Co-op shooter. What stands out most in this new IP is the incredible graphics. While graphics aren’t everything, it doesn’t hurt to have pretty effects while sinking many hours into a co-op game with friends.

    The game touts 4 player co-op against a monster that that can do some serious damage. Each player is granted skills to suit a specific play style and the combination of the four is the perfect recipe to take it down. A new video from the creators goes in-depth about what each character has for abilities, and shows a bit of the monsters carnage.

    Their Youtube channel also includes a 50 minute gameplay video where you can see the game in it's truest form.

    The best part about Evolve, the beast is player controlled and the matches are truly 4vs1. While at this point it seems less of a co-op game than anything, it still remains a very interesting game in development.
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    • Hakary
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      If they can get the 'beast' part of the game done well (not overpowered nor underpowered, while being fun to play at the same time) then the game will be a success. Hopefully it will ship with a good amount of content, like maps and such. An unlock system of sorts would be great, like more guns and whatnot so you can further customize your hunter.

      While I'm not one for co-op that much, this has my attention and will certainly keep an eye out for it. Maybe I'll convince some of my mates to pick it up for some pew pew

    • Belimawr
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      this does look good, I just hope it lives up to the fun I had in L4D since it seems a similar game. but again most of the people I played L4D with don't play much anymore.

    • Masterflaw
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      I will most likely be picking this up myself. Assuming it gets a smooth release.
      Great thing about it is, if your friends aren't online you can always play the monster. But I'm defiantly going to have to get a group going for this.
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