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And So It Begins


  • And So It Begins

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    Not so long ago Paradox released it’s 4X Intergalactic space opera Stellaris.
    And damn good it is too.
    But, of course, no modern Paradox game is complete without a shite tonne of DLC to fleece as many florins out of its die hard fan base as possibly. And Stellaris is no exception.
    And the first Stellaris DLC pack, the “Planetoids Species Pack” has been released.
    £6.25 gets you 15 new species portraits, some new ships and space stations and a bit of artwork.
    In the past, lots of Paradox DLC has been well worth the price, providing significant amounts of new content, and in many cases changing the game entirely for the better.
    This doesn’t seem to be one of those times¬¬.

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    Some new species artwork. Yesterday.
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