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Arma 3...where are the goods?


  • Arma 3...where are the goods?

    Arma 3 is known for its bugs and shoddy performance. It is also known to some as a boring game with no real direction. While this may be the case there are ways to get the most out of Arma assuming you've already shelled out for a copy. Knowing how to play Arma goes a lot further then knowing your soldier stances and being able to switch grenade types. It’s about knowing what’s hot in the mod world and keeping an eye open for the best ways to utilize this engine.

    While you’ll never get the 60 FPS experience you get in most games, Arma can and does deliver a playable experience on some servers. I find it all comes down to the game modes you play and what the server and map designer has done to make your experience as smooth as possible. Here’s a list of game modes available in Arma and what you can expect out of them.

    This is a great mission for the social. If you like to talk with people, solve problems and blow stuff up, then this is right up your ally. It starts you at home base and spawns in enemies to a dynamic location where your jobs, as soldiers, are to eliminate them. The sheer scale and amount of equipment at your disposal makes this Arma 3 mod unlike any other. Unfortunately, this game mode is for the very best of P.C.’s as even on low settings people are reporting frames in and around the 15 mark. Even with the best equipment this mode can drag your P.C. under 30 many times. It helps to find a game on Stratis for this mode, but unless you have a highly overclocked newly shipped processor, do not expect good frames.

    This mode puts you in the same type of home base that Domination offers. Difference is, there are red squares spread across the map with enemies and once cleared they turn green. The enemies are far fewer than Domination, but as a result, I find the performance to be a bit better. Though it still does through some weight on expensive rigs and is best played in Stratis in order to get a smooth experience. Some insurgency maps require you to only wound an enemy team leader in order to get information on the whereabouts of other insurgence. Again, this game mode requires one to be social to have the best time with it. If you don’t have a headset you are going to be missing out on a lot of the decision making that makes these PvE Mods fun.

    This game mode can either give your P.C. a run for its money or be a surprisingly smooth experience. The Sa-Matra variation not only offers a smooth experience, it also offers base building as well. Teaming up with your friends, building a base and defending it while wreaking havoc on other players bases is the name of this game, and can be quite fun for those who like to get involved. For you loners, there is the independent class that puts you up against anyone. It also allows you to team up with whomever you like if you do find a friend.
    Another mode, Battle Royal, has emerged and while it’s a more stripped down version of the Wasteland, it offers the smoothest MP Arma 3 experience I've played yet.

    Breaking Point:
    It was inevitable that a zombie mod was going to be created for Arma 3 even with the dawn of Day Z standalone and the licensing hammer that preceded it. The mod developers over at the have created a more than ample supplement for those who bought Arma 3 for just the zombie’s. This mod drops you off in one of four maps of your choosing with little to no gear. Your goal is what you make of it. Whether it’s to help people or kill anything that moves. It touts 5 classes you can choose from and personalized stats for each one those classes. Minor construction for storage is also available for those who choose to gather the equipment. Also, for those complaining about the lack of vehicles in the Day Z Standalone, look no further. This mod has everything from quads to helicopters.

    This mode can run on just about any recent P.C. build and offers a very smooth experience. It is best for adrenaline junkies and hoarders alike.

    Other game modes include smaller specialized missions that can be downloaded from the steam workshop. While this is hit or miss there are tons of them to choose from.
    Also keep an eye out for other mods on the horizon, 2017 is supposed to repave Altis with devastation and offer a dynamic and feature rich experience. In know I’ll be checking it, when released.
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