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    So this year I have vowed ( VOWED I SAY!) to play more games than I buy.
    Its a tough challenge when you consider that last year, on steam alone, I bought over 60 games.

    Which basically means I need to be playing about two games a week.
    And I do mean play, not install for ten minutes and tick it off the list.
    So after two weeks I have four games.
    Of course, I could just buy fewer games but lets not be radical here.
    So, ENKI then, is an atmospheric puzzle game so beloved of indie developers the world over hoping to become the next billionaire for successfully refining someone else's idea.
    And, well, its not bad.
    You awaken in a dungeon cell with not so much as a bottle of lotion to rub on yourself and are given 30 minutes to sort yourself out and escape.
    That's right, its a puzzle game where you can die, something the rest of the world concluded was a stupid idea some twenty years ago.
    However in this case it actually kind of works as the ever present clock, slowing ticking away your life adds a sense of urgency to the proceedings which would be lost with the absence of death.
    The game itself is not too taxing, and can be solved quite comfortably within ten minutes, and losing ten minutes of gameplay is hardly world shattering, and quite frankly if your life is so jam packed that this is an issue, you probably shouldn’t really be wasting what limited time you have playing games at all, let alone obscure indie ones.
    The game advertises itself as replayable, and whilst this is technically true, this replayability involves little more than the puzzle pieces spawning in different places on the map.
    For a horror game there is a notable absence of jump scares, or indeed any actual horror, however the atmosphere is top notch with the bleakness of the dungeon permeating the entire level, radiating an aura of despair and foreboding, with pagan symbolism liberally adorning the entire game.
    However, whist gamewise its a pretty good experience, mechanically things start to fall apart.
    The game is pretty unstable with frequent random crashes to desktop for no apparent reason. Approximately 25% of my games resulting in death by instability, and whilst you don’t really lose a lot, it can be pretty frustrating and is, quite frankly, unforgivable for such a straightforward game.
    Control wise the keys are not re-mappable, but follow pretty standard FPS layout or you can use a gamepad.
    Whilst its a cheap game, it's not THAT cheap, and it probably won't entertain for more than an hour or two, but might be worth a consideration for the next sale.
    Now if you excuse me, I have a goat to sacrifice........
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