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Ask JR at Christmas!


  • Ask JR at Christmas!

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    Ask JR at Christmas

    Well its that time of the year again when all the fictional characters raise from their slumbers and take some time to write to me in the hopes of solving the very real and troubling connundrums that they have gotten themselves into .....

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    Dear JR
    I recently started playing Rogue Legacy as I thought the basic concept of “when you die you play as your child” would be quite interesting, however whenever I play the “child” looks nothing like the initial avatar and I am beginning to suspect something fishy is going on and I'm not even playing as my son at all. Not to mention that my son is always granted some super awesome "gift"
    Indeed the last time I played the “child” was so overpowered it could walk on water and was only stopped with a nail gun.
    Should I just overlook these discrepancies?

    שלך בכנות, בברכה, בידידות

    Dear Joseph,

    I suggest you not let it bother you., if you start pulling at one thread the whole story might unravel and I’m not so sure you would be happy with the outcome

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    Dear JR,

    Ya hear me blud, see me posse is a small clan of eight, and last year one of me bro’s knew of a guy who he thought might be banging online, so we sussed the fella a trial, and he got mad skilz even though he is a noob avin never played, but the guy is such a nightmare.
    Thing is, right, he insists on using an avatar with a stupid great big red shiny nose and whilst this is useful for dungeon crawling right,(no need to waste mana on any pesky light spells) we keep getting utterly mullered in tactical FPS as his stupid nose gives away our position. I mean it ain’t like the geez plays like a noob nor nuffin, guys pretty sound right, but me blood aint got no clue how to approach him on his stupid nose fetish.
    Ya get me?


    Dear Prancer,

    Hmm, it sounds like this new member of your clan might have some confidence issues and be suffering from social awkwardness, you mention in your question that he hasn’t before been playing in any of your games, tell me, did his old associates used to laugh and call him names?
    This desire to become the focus of attention might stem from some deep seated anxiety issues, which he may have been overcoming with the self medication of alcohol or narcotics, leading to the acquisition of this big red nose you mention.
    Indeed you find yourself in a most precarious position, and I suggest your group get together and help him overcome these issues and maybe help him to get the counselling he clearly needs.
    Certainly by encouraging his behavior, you may be assisting in his self destruction.

    So that’s almost certainly it for this year, Merry Christmas and Happy New year and come back some time in the next decade for even more .....Ask JR!
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    • unclecid
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      hmmmm...methinks JR there are more issues with Prancer and "his" bros then you may be aware.
      see.....Prancer and his clan of eight are all female........

    • JackRabbit
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      I have no control over the vernacular that people send their letter to me in, as I understand it that particular demographic are especially fluid in their choice of gender pronouns.....
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