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Fallout 4's most essential mod so far (as of 24/11/2015)


  • Fallout 4's most essential mod so far (as of 24/11/2015)

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    Bethesda RPG's are great and everything but we all know their real beauty is brought out by the modding community. Within weeks of any Bethesda RPG releasing there will be good mods which you will try and which will render the vanilla game obsolete and unplayable. To my knowledge there aren't any mods of this magnitude for Fallout 4 yet, but there is one I would consider essential.

    The Fallout 4 Configuration Tool by Bilago can be downloaded at and will allow you to change certain values which Bethesda really didn't want you to change in the release version of the game (as evidenced by the fact that the game's .ini file re-writes itself everytime you make said changes and reverts back to its original state). The main attraction of this mod and the sole reason I downloaded it is the FOV changer. You can enter any value you want and your FOV in game will change to that number. The game shipped with a FOV of 80 which, if changed, would revert back to 80 thanks to the game's .ini re-writing itself and stopping you from doing what you want to do. This mod also makes your .ini read-only and forces it to accept the changes at gunpoint. There are lots of other features in there too, but this is the main attraction I think.

    There is another mod I've been interested in - one which changes the weapon sounds to their real-life equivalents. This one is a work in progress however and not all weapons have been fixed, so I'm waiting on that one.

    • Boa
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      Never been a fan of mods in the slightest. Maybe I just don't know of any good ones..

    • Dayve
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      Then you are missing out on all kinds of awesomeness. There are many games which I loved in their vanilla (un-modded) form but which I will not even consider playing without certain mods anymore.

      Fallout 3 for example. Once you hit level 10 or thereabouts in Fallout 3, or in any Bethesda RPG really, enemies become bullet sponges. In Fallout 4 I was having to shoot scummy little raiders in the head 4 times with a very powerful rifle to kill them, then shoot their 200 buddies in the head 4 times also (or 10 times if one of them was higher up, or 50 times if one of them was legendary). Same in Fallout 3.

      With the mod called FWE however, headshots are devastating no matter what level you are, for both you and the enemy. You can no longer run in to a lair of 10 super mutants armed with heavy machine guns and missile launchers and laugh off hundreds of bullets while you fire at them with your assault rifle and 10,000 units of magically weightless ammo, because now ammo has weight in your inventory so you can't carry an infinite amount, and if you get shot in the chest by a missile it won't just take away 3% of your hit points but will simply kill you, or maybe take 90% of your hit points and cripple half your body if you're wearing full power armour.

      This makes the wasteland feel genuinely dangerous, no matter how high your level. I wouln't play it unless I had this mod anymore. It also adds a lot of other things, like a motorcycle that needs to be repaired/refueled which replaces the fast travel system, primary needs (eating, drinking and sleeping, which Obsidian copies for Fallout: New Vegas), harsh penalties for using weapons you are not trained with, like trying to use the nuke launcher if you don't have high strength and good skill in big weapons will just as likely kill you as the enemy. The whole thing makes the game very realistic and I like that. If you go to the main Bethesda mod website you'll see it has had millions of downloads and is one of the biggest mods ever created for a game.

      A mod named SkyRe (Skyrim Redone) does a similar thing for Skyrim, making the world much more dangerous. Ever felt underwhelmed when a level 100 mega dragon comes down from the sky to fight you, hits you right in the face with an enormous fireball, only for it to take away 1% of your health bar because you're more powerful than God? I did, so I got SkyRe and Deadly Dragons, and now I'm paranoid about what's in the sky.

      Isn't that the way it ought to be? Dragons are supposed to be the deadliest threat to man in Skyrim - everybody is terrified of them, there is an order of priests who dedicate their lives to learning and understanding their shouts even though mere mortals can only learn the weakest of their shouts, yet when you fight one it takes away 1% of your health and you kill it with 3 arrows to the tail.

    • Fallin
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      I never used any mod for any game, always find them "cheap".

      *Do you all "spy" on the shortcuts at his desktop or is just me?
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