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Blood for the Blood God :- Part 2


  • Blood for the Blood God :- Part 2

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    The second Skaven kickoff is again expertly placed in the middle of the Amazonian half, however a pitch invasion by the supporters holds up play. Incensed by the Breeders lack of control of their supporters, the referee moves play on.
    Clearly he too is aware of the true nature of things, and is incensed by the actions of these upity Breeders, his actions have nothing to do with them catching him hiding in one of the lockers in their changing rooms.
    The Amazonians, now aware not only of how to score, but that the pressure is now upon them, scoop up the ball and form their cage around it. No more running to the back line, they need to get it to the end zone as fast as they can, and outnumbered with 9 Skaven to 8 Amazonians the pressure is upon them.
    The Skaven are enjoying an unusual moment of confidence, never before have they gone into the second half with a larger team then their opponent!
    “Line up on the halfway line” commands Skrotzh “We are mighty Scaven warriors, we don’t chase breeders, they come to us!”
    The cage moves to the halfway mark, but the Skaven line remains steadfast
    Time seemed to slow. The Amazonians, now six in number glare at the Skaven, the Skaven, brimming with confidence snarl back
    And then, the stoppable force meets the moveable object, and the cage disintegrates.
    Small fights erupt all along the Skaven, one Amazonian falls, another, the ball carrier, desperate to salvage some measure of SOMETHING runs to the left field, leaving the tattered remainders of the cage behind her, out on the wing and exposed she looks to her options.
    Surrounded by Skaven she cannot hope to break through she hands the ball to her nearest team-mate who throws the ball out of the melee, it sails majestically through the air, passed one Skaven, another, before finally dropping through the hands of its intended target, to fall to the ground.
    The final hope of the Amazonians lies on the ground, with only two Amazonians covering it. Both of whom are soon sent to the Astroturf.
    Scrowintroknow snatches the ball from in front of their prone forms and passes it to Chiryz who sprints for the end zone, its out of range, but he won’t make the same mistake as Snabik, he is clear of the Amazons and a second touchdown is assured.
    Skrotzh stands over the dejected Amazonians laughing, “I told you, you shouldn’t leave the breading pits” he snarls contemptuously.
    “Breeders should know their place”.
    The Amazonians slowly rise to their feet. Beaten and humiliated, anger slowly fills them, running up their spine, filling their leaden limbs with molten rage. One lashes out sending Skrotzh to the ground, a second kicks him, and the beating starts.
    An arm shatters, his spine snaps, he attempts to reach out
    “Please no” he mumbles.
    A lone Amazonian looks down upon him, hate in her eyes
    “Blood for the Blood God” she spits, crushing his skull.
    Chirryz spots the altercation.
    “Damn fool”, he thinks to himself “killed by breeders of all people, a Skaven who allows himself to be killed by breeders is clearly no Scaven at all”
    And he runs the ball home.

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    Final Score
    Skaven 2: Amazonians 0
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