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ID:	169With the embargo date counting down many eagerly await if Ubisoft Montreal has created something to cry home about. This isn't a game I plan on downloading from steam hour one, but it surely is interesting to see what 4 years of development time has brought to the table. While the hype has grown over the years the gaming site Flickeringmyth claims they have received an early copy of the Xbox one edition and proclaim s that while it is a good game, it's not the blockbuster many think it will be. They site poor graphics, clunky gameplay and a lackluster plot to keep it from being a truly great game. Though, given the context and constant referral to GTA V, this review is far from helpful as I haven't played it. I do understand that GTA V is now the archetype for an open world shooter, but it shouldn't need to be referred to in every paragraph of the review. It leaves the few who haven't played it in the dark about where the game truly stands and ruins the confidence I have in the authors objectivity.

    Still though, those video's do look enticing and make me wonder if it is actually worth a day one purchase. I have yet to witness any of the negatives of the game and have only seen fluid and dynamic gameplay. Everything from the hacking while driving to the shooting mechanics all looks as smooth as one would hope. I just am waiting to see how it all translates to my keyboard and mouse. As a result I wait for more solid reviews from more reputable sites with the hopes that this will truly be a great game. I need something to kill the time after I complete Dark Souls 2 and Watch Dogs is on my list. More importantly, I await the user reviews from the masses. So if you've got your hands on a copy and have a few things to say about it, please post below.
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      Playing on the PS4 and I can say the graphics are nice, though as I said on the forums it's no Infamous or Killzone.

      The only 'clunky' gameplay I see is the driving, which could be a lot better but it's still serviceable. I'd kill for a decent radio feature instead of a track playlist and the online - although I haven't tried it yet - looks promising.

      The only similarity this shares with GTA is cars and open world I for one am enjoying the general mood of the story/game.

    • Masterflaw
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      Yea, this looks like something I'll pick up. Still putting the finishing touches on Dark Souls 2 and will probably milk it until this goes on sale. But it does look like something that could keep me busy for quite a bit of time.
      How's the multiplayer? I've been hearing mixed reviews in that respect.
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