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Ban This Sick Filth : Rush


  • Ban This Sick Filth : Rush

    So another week of ever increasing injustice has passed and I’m guessing that you are looking again for something to spend the next week crusading for, and you look to me to show you.
    Do not worry, for not only will I teach you how to think,
    I will teach you what to think!
    Rush, by Two tribes, released way back in 2010 (and currently available for 34p on a popular digital distribution platform for those who wish to witness for themselves the shocking offensive material).
    On the surface, Rush seems a simple, rather dystopic, puzzle game involving sorting blocks. These blocks enter the landscape from a portal, and whenever they encounter an obstacle, they turn right, and its up to you to guide them safely to their objective.
    Exactly, I’m sure you already see the problem, so blatant is it in its profanity.
    Whenever you encounter adversity, you turn right.
    Or, simply put, adversity can only be overcome by moving to the right!


    This is exactly the sort of political social conditioning that would seem more suitable in the era of McCartyism, or being parachuted into South America by the CIA to overthrow a democratically elected socialist regeime! I am sure that its release marking the start of UKIP’s rise in popularity is more than simple coincidence.
    That the ability to even consider a turn to the left is not even available as an option cannot simply be put down to a simple oversight, and illustrates a worrying trend in modern puzzle games. How many games can YOU name where the puzzle can only be solved by moving to the left?
    Exactly, I didn' t think so.

    Now before all the right wing apologetics start claiming that I’m exaggerating the problem, that it is possible to end up left, by going right three times, this is clearly a ruse because after going right twice, you are simply going backward, a clear attempt to insinuate that going left is a backward, or retrograde step!
    Indeed Two Tribes themselves have not responded to my request for an explanation to this overbearing social conditioning, and this unwillingness to open themselves to questioning speaks for itself.
    So when you are explaining to your grandchildren why it is that they are lining up at the worksite to see if the elites will deem to throw them some scraps of work, or having to justify how slavery was re-established as a necessity for a growing and vibrant economy, just remember
    YOU could have stopped it, if only you had acted, written to your representatives and urged them to

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