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Morgan Freeman's through the wormhole

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  • Morgan Freeman's through the wormhole

    this is a show I've watched on and off on discovery for quite a while now, is some really interesting stuff in it generally, but I just found this weeks quite interesting as it talked about the possibility of us living in a computer.

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    is that something along the lines that we all might be in a hologram?


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      nah it's just that if you look deep enough you can actually see similarities between computer code and the universe, so it is actually an assumption going round that reality could be a simulation setup by our future selves since with the way computers are advancing it won't be that long before we could simulate our entire planet and the fact that physics as it stands is a strict set of rules as it would be if it had been programed into a simulation.

      to be fair I just find it an interesting theory, since it is something that could be possible is a few decades/centuries.


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        Didn't someone work out the probabilities of us being in a simulation? I think it went along the lines of, that any sufficiently advanced race would start simulations of the universe and that at some point those simulations would become 'self aware' (i.e. the inhabitants wouldn't know they were in a simulation, but would be conscious). They then worked out that the likelyhood of their being sufficiently advanced species out there is as close to 1 as makes no difference. Similarly, the likelyhood of their being multiple simulations is as close to 1 as makes no difference.

        Therefore, given the likelyhood that there are multiple simulated universes running, the odds that 'we' inhabit the only 'real' universe is actually depressingly small..... :-)


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          Spatula that's why I find it interesting.