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  • DC Comic: Legends of Tomorrow.....

    This is a hoax right?

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    nope. this is a done deal.


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      Its real Rory from doctor who is a time traveler, the one actually name dropped in the season end of flash.


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        So what happened to Justice League?


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          nothing but the movies and tv are two totally different things.

          it's why they have underused deadeye and despite teasing harley quinn for season 2 of arrow they dropped her in favour of the movie version, it's probably also why they pretty much destroyed the last film links to the suicide squad in Arrow (outside of ARGUS who they can't easily remove) so instead of a harley in Arrow you get this in a movie.
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            So Arrow is not going to be in Justice League?


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              Arrow may be in justice league, the Flash is it's just a different actor. for what ever reason DC has chose to piece up their empire unlike Marvel who are trying to get back and link together everything.

              DC stopped arrow using Haley, chances are they will make other changes, they have also ruled out any crossover with supergirl, despite it being the same show runners for the Flash and Supergirl. Constantine was supposedly going to cross into Arrow, (due to the introduction of the lazarus pools and such) but while it's looking for a new network, it's unlikely that will come off now if it's status doesn't change soon and the CW has pretty much ruled out taking up Constantine after the talks.

              so really the TV shows and Movies should be treat as two entirely different entities, hell Will Smith is deadshot in suicide squad, but in arrow he was played by Michael Rowe, chances are the only reason he even got into Arrow was because he was introduced in series 1 before DC had the ideas of the movies, but they have handily concluded his story line the year before the suicide squad movie.