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  • The Flash

    It's simply the greatest superhero series there is!

    Every week it manages to get me hooked on some nonsense story, the main plot always unfolding slightly at the end, giving you just enough to keep you interested!

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    ya those writer that do the Flash and Arrow are something else.
    only thing to come close has been Daredevil.


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      Grodd certainly aint no groot.

      but really Flash is a good show and did hit the ground running, but really the wells storyline has always been shown above everything with a villain of the week story approach, the only real exception was captain cold and the other rouges, who have been setup to be something bigger.


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        yes, and he's from the future and related to eddie. the thing that was guessed as soon as there was a hint he was the reverse flash, since they chucked in the Thawne name. so the guesses were right and he is professor zoom.


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          That cliffhanger though.


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            the cliffhanger is good but the only way it can go other than nothing happening is alternate timelines, but as harrison wells is back next season they may start to jump about in time, more so with the introduction of legends.


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              Brilliant first season, great action scenes, especially when he's fighting reverse flash. I loved the little cameos that Arrow does now and again also. The way the flash fights also, outsmarts his opponent using his speed to counter most situations, really good superhero. I would rather watch that than pretty much any marvel movie.

              I didn't care for the actor playing Flash at the start, but I warmed to him.. definitely a very capable actor, that scene with his mother was brilliant.
              Just need to wait for the next season now.
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                Thankfully Marvel have stayed away from time travel. (apart for the abomination that was x-men). Unless it is deliberately a time travel series or film, leave it alone it just fucks everything up.


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                  I thought it was a bit crap the way he stopped himself changing the past, as it just basically says those events were always going to happen. also found it a bit silly old flash managed to seemingly jump back to the future (despite the fact at the age of thawne and him being a descendant of eddie) they must have jumped back from a time when barry was like 150, since there wasn't really time for him to be a descendant of Eddie from 2047 unless he was eddie's kid, then it would make the tech and story somewhat strange since he said Eddie was a long forgotten branch of the tree.

                  but then this is part of why I hate time travel in shows as it just messes up everything and generally causes problems. (12 monkeys being a rare exception since they made it so they had to invent time travel to set the earliest point you could travel to, making it at the start so things could only be sent forward)