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    Have you ever watched the walking dead and thought "my god this show is slow" well if you have Z Nation is probably for you.

    while it is another in the long line of "OMG Zombies" shows/games/movies but this one comes with a difference, instead of the slow boring bits, they try to keep a story working while making what I can best describe as a cross between zombieland and the spoils of babylon, it is just a show that can't even take itself seriously never mind anything else, so if you ever wanted a camper and more fun version of the walking dead this is the one for you, it has everything from zombie babies to just totally strange ass people.

    it's also one of the few to do fast zombies with a reason, they give the excuse when some come flying in that they must have just turned due to their speed.

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    Nobody in the UK has picked it up


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      on Syfy in America so would assume it will be here as well, but until then they are normally available in under and hour after the show on the privateers cove.


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        I will have to have a look about. Just watched the trailer and it looks quite fun. It has the nerdy guy off Road Trip in it too which is a bonus.


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          Hadn't heard of this before, I see that only s01e01 seems to be available so presumably this is new rather than something that's been sitting under my radar for ages.

          as you know I'm a zomble fan so I may be about (4m 15s plus the viewing time) to be in your debt.


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            yeah I never heard of it until it popped up in the credits at the end of haven when I watched it yesterday. (also came up as a banner, seriously american TV is shit for banner ad's when your trying to watch something)


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              okay, I mostly enjoyed this - hey it's got zombles.

              That said it's a classic example of quality tailing off in the current zomble fashion trend. the characters are wooden (delta force, yawn) and the central plot line - escort the saviour of the human race - watch the walking dead to see a novel twist on that (assuming it follows the comic).

              overall it adds nothing to the genre, it's to walking dead as "infestation, survivor stories" is to dayz - I mean something created to surf the popularity of something else

              Thanks for flagging this though, seriously, I'm glad I've found out about this and will be following it.


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                but the fact is if you look at it objectively they aren't trying to take it seriously if you look at the cast, delta force is gone fairly fast, then you are a left with a bloke in charge who is sick of killing, 2 young people, a useless old bloke, some random woman, some woman who was locked in a cage for unknown reasons, a sniper who doesn't talk and an ex con who doesn't give a fuck about the mission and is starting to show signs of deterioration. then you have the nut case in the base up north.

                but then it is taking the piss out of the walking dead, you should of got that when he said he found the camp because some ex cop in a prison said the national guard had set up a camp.


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                  Now I REALLY want to watch it. Sounds better than The Walking Dead which takes itself WAY to serious. Like I preferred The comedy Return of the living dead to the serious Romero films, the one with the Michael Jackson zombie and the dancing naked woman in the graveyard. The more serious ones are a tad boring and slower paced.


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                    I don't see this as tongue in cheek, I really do think this is pitched as drama, 'American style'.
                    I watched a couple of episodes of the walking dead after seeing this last night, the difference in quality is massive. Each to their own though.

                    Pacing is always a problem for anything z related. What gets me, and I suspect a lot of people, going is the life or death struggle scenes where zombles are attacking. Problem is you can't have that happening all the time, there has to be lulls in the action otherwise it loses its impact.


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                      every single review has placed it as tongue in cheek and really from the production company of such hits as sharknado, snakes on a train, titanic 2, Mega Shark Vs Crockasaurus and many many other dodgy films shown by Syfy are you really expecting it to be serious, the biggest criticism I saw of it was that the first part of the show did try to be somewhat serious.


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                        I thought the Pacing of The Walking Dead was pretty good up until season 4, and it really turned me off in the second half with like 6 episodes of nothing but that little shit Carl going through his period. They could have wrapped up the aftermath of the Prison fight in 2-3 episodes. Instead it just really turned me off a few of the characters. Although the new group are interesting and the bit about getting the geek to Washington is interesting as it seems to have given the group a goal to strive for other than wandering around aimlessly. But overall the thing that pissed me off is the clich├ęd 'pregnant woman in a crisis' story that has been around for a while. Many other post apocalyptic or disaster movies/series have the inevitable pregnant woman/ new born baby trope. Hell that even dampened The Walking Dead season 2 game for me too.

                        One thing it has lacked throughout though is humour. Humour is a staple of humanity and even in a zombie outbreak I think there will be people and situations that are just funny, intended or not.


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                          What we really need is a series about zombies that's as good and as high quality as Game of thrones or Breaking Bad is/was. We all thought we had it when we watched the first season of Walking Dead................... then we watched season 2 of walking dead and we knew we had been duped.

                          .....................................then we watched season 3 and gave up.

                          BUT IT CAN BE DONE! I'M SURE OF IT!


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                            Arguing the toss about a tv program is like arguing the toss about what flavour of ice cream is best.

                            That said I'm loving the walking dead, and though game of thrones - which I also love - is ahead on viewers - walking dead isn't as far behind as you might think. I'd quote some figures here, but I can't find two sites that agree on any - though all do agree GoT is ahead. Walking Dead is apparently AMC's most successful series ever though.


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                              I love GoT but on reflection the last series doesn't sit well with me, so much stuff is just wrong, missing or made up for the show. I know certain things have to be altered for the timeline, but Brans story is pretty much finished for now and the guy playing Hodor has already his story is done and he won't be in GoT any more. No 'LS' (some people will know who I mean).

                              That and I think George RR Martin will never finish the books, he is spending so much time on the show given his age, he does not have enough time to finish the story without it being rushed because the show is catching up at an alarming rate. Although I have already worked out how it will end.