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  • Ant-Man

    Gets a thumbs up from me.
    Fun movie that kept me engaged throughout.
    It's not going to set the world on fire,
    but it might just light a your heart!
    Oh it has both a mid and an end credits scene (end credits scene tying into Cap 3)

    And thus officially Phase 2 ends
    So, in order, worst to best

    Iron Man 3
    Thor 2
    Age of Ultron (probably about the same level as Thor 2, but the Hulk V Iron Man fight was epic, so that edges it over)

    Cap 2
    Guardians of the Galaxy.

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    Iron Man 3 wasn't terrible, it was one of the few times it has been shown a "hero" can do something without his toys. people are just pissed because of the mandarin fake out. it only bugged me that his suit ran out of power because the spent the entire of fucking iron man 2 making a new power supply that is in his fucking chest and not the goddamn suit.


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      I don't think any of the films are "bad" as such, and I actually liked the whole mandarin twist (though it might actually be a double twist!) but I found Iron Man 3, Thor 2 and Ultron all pretty forgettable.
      Sure they have their moments (i.e mandarin twist/Loki on the throne/ Aformentioned Hulk V Ironman battle) but overall they are pretty dull.
      Ant - Man and Guardians are both fun films, whereas the storyline in Cap 2 is pretty good and fundamentally changes the nature of what is going on in the wider MCU.


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        While i havent seen Ant-Man and i dont plan to until i can get it elsewhere (its not a must see in theater to me) i have enjoyed all of the MCU movies so far.
        To me though what makes a good escapist film is replay value.
        In other words does the movie make me say 'Hey lets watch this again'.
        to that end this is my list of those that i have no issue watching over and over:
        Guardians of the Galaxy (best comic movie of all time presently IMHO)
        Avengers 1
        Cap 2
        Avengers 2
        Cap 1
        Iron man 1


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          Not seen Age of Ultron or Ant Man, but aside from that i agree with JR's list (apart from I would put Winter Soldier as the #1 Marvel film over Guardians).

          Iron Man 3 was unecessary (but better than 2) and Thor 2 was easily the worst non Sony Marvel film.


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