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    I just finished watching the final season of Sons Of Anarchy... as far as american drama/action series go, it was quite good I thought. Although throughout the series I kept thinking of how weird the fighting was.. a bunch of biker gang boys just get in firefights all the time and end up unscathed all the time.. it just seems like some cheesy american action nonsense. Now and again though it would surprise me with a scene of brutal violence, proper bloody nasty scenes, which made no sense in combination with the other action scenes.

    As far as the drama aspect of it goes, it's pretty good. Ron Pearlman and the lead actor who plays Jax and even the woman Gemma is brilliant, very believable actors. Some fairly decent drama writing as far as story goes and it ended well in my opinion also.

    Kurt Sutter the creator of the series is also creating another show now a sort of prequel to Sons of Anarchy about the founding members of the club. He's also creating an entirely new show called The Bastard Executioner. The trailer mentions a Welsh man, this intrigues me...

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    I got as far as season 5, since Clay is not the leader now I have trouble watching it, since Machete was shown as a CIA agent it just jumed into the realms of bullshit. I still have trouble getting past Peggy Bundy as Jax's mom, but yeah I really got into it for the first few seasons but since Clay killed Piney and then somehow escaped retribution and is still somehow relevant to the guys is batshit crazy. I keep meaning to carry on, but I can't keep focused on it.

    The Bastard Executioner was filmed down by me near Margam Park, my brother does a lot of local hiking and stumbled onto the film set. They also filmed a fair bit near Caerfilthy too and up the mountains near Merrthyr. Followed their facebook page for a while and there are lots of photos from set where I recognise the locations.


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      Oh, is the final season out? I haven't seen it- doesn't seem to have been on 5 yet


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        It came on Netflix last week or the week before.


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          Yeah, America get it before us, but it's been on Netflix for a while now. Careful though, beware of spoilers.