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    spin offs come in 2 forms, a cash in milking the IP or just end up being terrible.


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      Like Agents of Shield?


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        Agents of shield still has the highest ratings out of Arrow, Flash, iZombie and Shield. it was a slow start but it has really hit it's pace and now whedon has left marvel and he was the one keeping coulson dead in the films they can cross it back into the universe the way it was originally intended.


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          am i weird in that i have come to prefer iZombie to Walking Dead or its spinoff?


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            Thought it looked interesting to begin with, most zombie media deals with what happens after the zombie hoard has taken over, they don't seem to dwell to much on how they took over.
            (Well there was Brad Pit Zombie Film, but that was shit). I thought this was dealing with that, but watching the trailer it seems I might have been mistaken.


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              best zombie film will always be zombieland.

              see unclecid iZombie is ok, but it ultimately comes back to just a crime drama, the zombie thing is more or less just a side point as they are just still humans.


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                Has iZombie started? I just got sky back, what channel is it on?

                But yeah, one of the unrealistic things in these zombie films/series is how easy the zombies take over. Would never happen, the military would easily contain it even if they had to nuke a city.


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                  I think iZombie has been shown in the UK, but I just download everything now.

                  as for a zombie take over it is actually likely, people say how does it spread, but with the initial outbreak human nature will be that it can be controlled and contained, this is not counting all the people who were infected before the first official case actually comes to light as something more than someone who just looks like they are off their face. then you have the walking dead where it is air borne and everyone is infected so it makes no difference how much you bomb as everyone is already infected and a sleeping bomb just waiting to be detonated.

                  but the fact is no matter what infection hits it will spread a long way before it is actually found, if you look at zombies, if patient 0 bites 2 people, each of those bites 2 people each of those bite 2 people, each of those bite 2 people you have a massively increasing trend that grows exponentially even ignoring any extra bites from the earlier zombies meaning if each zombie only ever had 2 bites you would have a growth pattern of 1, 3, 7, 15, 31, 63, 127, 255, 511, 1023 so in 10 generations with just each zombie doing only 2 bites ever you have over a thousand infected, now if you work back and calculate that number for the earlier zombies no stopping biting the number will grow even faster.

                  hell follow that trend on you soon escalate, 1023, 2047, 4095, 8191, 16383, 32767, 65535, 131071, 262143, 524287, 1048575, 2097151, 4194303, 8388607 so in 24 generations you are at the population of London and again this is ignoring the fact that the aerlier zombies would still be biting.


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                    I don't buy it, load of bollocks. Zombies would never take over the world, not if they're that pitifully slow anyway. Yeah you would get a proportion of the population decimated by it, but ultimately precautions and quarantine would be put in place to combat the spread and fight back against it.

                    The only believable zombie takeover scenarios are similar things to I am Legend book and movie, World War Z and possibly resident evil. Everything else is a complete fallacy, movies and series such as the walking dead are not believable, they're very entertaining, but would them zombies really take over the world..?


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                      but the walking dead is believable in the fact that anyone who dies becomes a zombie as they are all infected, meaning even in quarantine your going to constantly be watching for that one person who turns and it only takes a few seconds for someone to claw out or bite, then you get panic and people become disorganised and the zombie gets more time to spread its infection.

                      then once you have a group of zombies more so if they go the classic route of head shots only, you then have a large unstoppable force that will likely not be put down as all security forces are trained to go for the body shot as it is a larger target, so it is unlikely if a group of them were advancing on police they would just magically break from their training and try for headshots.

                      this is the problem you only need one homeless person or one person in a crowded area and you will have an army of zombies before anyone even notices there is an outbreak and then due to hysteria and the authorities having a good laugh at the people seeing zombies, it will get to spread even more, really it's only difference from other contagions that easily infect loads of people (after all ebola actually needed contact) is that in movies it is shown to involve something completely brainless that likes to bite.


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                        Yeh, Ebola needs contact, but that still only managed to infect about 21 000 people.
                        In reality, for any virus to really pose a significant threat to modern civilisation, it would have to at least be water borne, but more likely


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                          Well, Ebola is actually pitifully hard to transmit. Hence the low figures.

                          Airborne would be the biggest way to spread- thats the illusion in TWD- an airborne virus that infects everyone making them come back from the dead. That would definitley work.

                          Also, dont underestimate the idiocy of the masses- you get an outbreak like that in lnodon, then it's fucked and the whole country would probably collapse. Similalry on the continent.

                          Dont forget, the security and police forces would be exceptionally hesitant to open fire on a crowd of 'people'. Before they got a real grasp on it, it'd be too far gone.


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                            Also- Ebola didnt make people actively go out and spread the diseases. Just their idiotic families.....


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                              The thing with the Walking Dead is, it is not Zombies that are the biggest threat, it is other people. The zombies are just scenery and occasional obstacles.

                              Now if someone could develop such a virus that attacks a certain gene in people it could be devastating (like in that episode of Fringe where the guy could release a gas that insta killed anyone with blue eyes, or whatever feature he chose. I recon if the US developed something like that the population of the earth would drastically decrease over a short period of time.