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  • Ted 2

    just watched this (coincidentally I had Samuel Adams that is from Boston but that's not important)

    anyway if you like the original and you like family guy this is actually a really good sequel to the original and well worth watching, is a few running gags through it, but they are just done right and it's one of the few films that isn't totally destroyed by the trailers.

    also massive bonus points have to be handed for Patrick Warburton dressed at The Tick at comic con, "because references" the only disappointment was he never shouted "Spoon"

    also I feel sorry for Ted as I to have been caught out by "Sweet Caroline"

    also Liam Neeson buying Trix Cereal really pays off with the after credits shot, despite him buying it being funny to start with.

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    Meh, the first one wasn't good enough to make me want to watch another.


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      Ive seen "Ted". Literally cannot remember a single thing that happened.


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        The first was great, looking forward to the second. Seth McFarlane cannot do anything wrong in my eyes. I even enjoyed A Million Ways To Die In The West.


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          ok you 2 suck.