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Terminator: Genisys - will it suck all kinds of hard?

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  • Terminator: Genisys - will it suck all kinds of hard?

    Place your bets!

    Odds on it sucking: Terrible, not even worth the bet. I'll barely even give you 1:1.
    Odds on it NOT sucking: 10,000-1.

    That's right! Bet one pound on it NOT sucking and I'll give you ten thousand! (you'll just have to wait a long time for it... like... until I win the lottery).

    I grew up with the Terminator films (1 and 2) and I love them. Terminator 3 was unnecessary and nowhere near as good as the first two but not all bad because we got to see the nukes fly at the end. Terminator 4 (the one with Batman in it) was all kinds of awful and I've never been able to finish watching it despite trying twice (I usually get about an hour in). So we haven't actually had a really good Terminator film in about 2 decades. How can this new one not suck? Arnie looks like a grandad.
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    I'm probably going to see this, even though the trailers are crap and seem to have spoiled any shock twists!


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      Most definitely. They will never make a terminator as good as the first one. When Arnie goes into the police station and just annihilates the coppers... fucking awesome.


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        Only way to get a good Terminator film now is to have an all new set of characters set in the same world. They have fucked around with the Connor's too much now (even though I did enjoy the series).


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          Yeah I went to see Jurassic World at the cinema yesterday, but before it started everyone in the theatre had the entirety of Genisys spoiled for them by the trailer.


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            Originally posted by Dayve View Post

            That's right! Bet one pound on it NOT sucking and I'll give you ten thousand!
            you're on - and I declare IMDB the judge - if this game gets 6 or over on imdb then I win. In fact at those odds I'm feeling generous - call it 7

            Come on the Terminator advertising department!!!


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              your better off using rotten tomatoes.


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                Originally posted by Belimawr View Post
                your better off using rotten tomatoes.
                that's the point - imdb scores are skewed these days, presumably by the film marketer's signing up and voting.

                Sheesh if you have to explain it.....


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                  Got 2 stars with empire. Supposed to be ok first half then utter shit the second


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                    So... anybody watched it? I haven't. Does it suck all kinds of hairy nads?


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                      Seen it, and indeed it manages to defy the laws of physics by simultaneously sucking and blowing.
                      And I didn't think Salvation was that bad.
                      The first part is not too bad, a few cheeky nods to the first film whilst building a "what the feck is going on" (and you never actually find out) before the film doesn't so much jump the shark, as slits its wrists and jumps into the tank.
                      It lacks the intelligence of the first film, and the spectacle of the second, and manages to be the worst sort of "story by committee" tedium that you are likely to find.
                      There is literally no reason for this film to exist.
                      And Emilia Clark is utterly terrible in it.
                      I mean really bad.
                      For a part that requires very little in the way of acting ability, she still plumbs the depths of awfulness.
                      If you are being out acted by Arnold Schwarzenegger, you really need to be rethinking your career options.
                      Do yourself a favour.
                      Wait for it to come on TV.
                      And then don't watch it.


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                        I went and watched it yesterday. They were right - it's decent for the first half and sucks for the second half. The exact point where it starts to suck hard is around 1:07:00, where

                        Spoiler below vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv vvv

                        where we find out John Connor is the creator of Skynet all along. Oh well, back to pretending only Terminator 1 and 2 were the only ones ever made.


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                          Yup. I'll be missing this like it were covered in hemorrhagic syphillitic sores. Or Dayve...


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                            I thought google made skynet.


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                              Originally posted by Belimawr View Post
                              I thought google made skynet.
                              No man, John Connor did. Also he was a robot too. No wait, he got turned in to a robot in the future and got sent back in time as a terminator to create Skynet.

                              It's not just the story though, it's the way the characters are written AND the actors playing them.

                              Sarah Connor in T1 is naive and pretty much useless. In T2 she's pretty badass and obviously severely mentally disturbed by what she knows of the future. In Genisys she's a typical modern, sarcastic character. The writers were trying too hard to make her all deep and philosophical and emotional and whatnot. Linda Hamilton's Sarah Connor was just so much better. Most importantly though Linda Hamilton's Sarah Connor was REAL. She looked and acted like a REAL character. Daenerys is just too pretty, too perfect, and they had her made up like a supermodel. I don't recall her looking dirty or tired at any point in the film - always super model quality perfect.

                              Kyle Reese in T1 is severely mentally disturbed from a life spent eating turd and running away from (or fighting) machines in the post-apocalyptic future. He has no sense of humour, he barks orders, he bangs Sarah, he dies to save her. In Genisys he's played by Jai Courtney (HOW IS HE EVEN A FUCKING ACTOR!? HOW!? FUCKING TELL ME HOW!?) and he's CONSTANTLY making jokes. Like when he's with a police officer fighting a T-1000. The police officer says "we're screwed aren't we" and Kyle Reese goes "yeah pretty much" with a smirk on his face. That's totally fucking out of character for Kyle Reese.

                              Arnie: In T1 he barely spoke and there was no comedy. In T2 he spoke a bit more and there was a bit of comedy, but he's mostly serious. In Genisys he's joking. Non stop. All the time. Whether he's fighting or not, he's always being funny.

                              Daenerys and Jai Courtney and miscast hard. HARD. They do not suit these parts at all.

                              Next the music is bland. Music in T1 and T2 very memorable (especially T2's music). Genisys' music may as well not be there.

                              CGI looks worse than in T2 as well. How this is even possible I just don't know.

                              OH! And the three punks who are dicking about with the telescope at the start of T1 (you know, wash day tomorrow, nothing clean right?) - they actually came across as unstable thugs in the first film. In this one they come across as 3 middle-class nice guys trying their best to act tough but failing badly. They don't even swear because it's a PG film.
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