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  • Capture Cards and Gaming Recording Software

    My brother owns a capture card it cost him about a £150 so it's pretty decent I'd imagine.. what is the difference between it and software though, is it just cutting out the need for recording software.. so instead of paying for some software I can just use the capture card.. Or I don't know, never used it myself.. but wouldn't mind trying to make videos of game footage, can stick it on a review then maybe.

    I also know that you can record in high quality with some good capture cards.. maybe that's another difference.
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    If you get a geforce 700 series or higher shadow play will do the same job, it use to be capture cards used no GPU or CPU power so helped with performance but then Nvidia made shadow play and it is done by hardware but doesn't affect power due to the way it runs on the card.


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      Yes, but Shadowplay is limited to selected games.

      Ah just found out my brother sold his capture card.. so I'll probably use some software, anyone used any that they could recommend?
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        shadowplay works with anything as it just uses the graphics card's rendering to take the video from the back end, the only limitation is on the hardware requirement, DX games needing to be ran full screen and OpenGL needing to be windowed, but other than that it should capture every game.


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          No you can only record selected games.


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            that is a list of games supported by the game optimiser.

            Q: What games are supported by ShadowPlay?
            A: ShadowPlay supports all DirectX 9, 10, and 11 based games. In desktop mode, OpenGL games running in a window is also supported.

            Also that list is very outdated.


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              It doesn't support every game though, it doesn't work when trying to record certain games.


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                only games it won't support is those that use API's prior to DX9. it uses the cards rendering process to capture using the spare compute cores.

                but you could also argue the capture devices can't capture everything as a lot of them fail to macrovision and other problems such as HDCP so no system is really perfect.

                the difference being the geforce codes just encodes what it is rendering in real time, instead of putting it through external CPU cycles like programs like fraps.

                honestly tho, unless you are capturing really old games, shadowplay should work flawlessly. if you look in the witcher thread you can actually see the video I captured using it, the only problem is the quality loos when uploading to youtube, but if I wanted to avoid that I could by reprocessing the file to something better for youtube (as you generally have to with capture cards)


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                  It seems to work with other games like Heroes of the Storm and such.. but when I try recording Invisible. Inc it doesn't do jack shit.. I mean is there something specific about that game which doesn't allow me to record or what..

                  That video you did seems decent enough, bit choppy at parts. Wouldn't mind getting into making some videos myself see, not out of any delusions of internet fame or any of that shit, just I think it would be something fun to do with my time while playing the game.
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                    no clue why it wouldn't work invisible inc unless they put something in that is interfering with it, but so far I haven't found a game it doesn't work in.

                    as for the stutter, that was picked up somewhere in youtube processing it, same as a few sections of pixelation, the source file is like playing the game, keep seeing people saying about rendering/re encoding video for youtube so it's probably just me being lazy and uploading what was spat out of shadowplay. also would assume that youtube dropped it to less than 600meg for less than 2 minutes lol.


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                      I used OBS, it was ok for free. A bit fiddly to get to work, but followed a quick tutorial on youtube and got it down. Problem I have is a bad CPU and GPU so my PC is not really up to recording. I really need an upgrade but cannot warrant the cost.


                      I found fraps slowed down my pc even more and Action you have to pay for.


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                        I'll just stick with Shadowplay I think for now, I don't really have a clue yet how to make a video though.. I'll experiment with things I think, need to look into some editing software.


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                          Lightworks is probably the best free option.


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                            D3DGear is a pretty good program. Very easy to set up (just have to assign a key to start/stop recording and set a place to save the files), doesn't slow games down at all AND it automatically compresses the video as it's recorded so it doesn't take 600 hours to upload a 1 minute video to Youtube. Quality is very decent. Only downside is it's a 15-day trial and then you have to buy it (or illegally acquire a key which is probably very easy but a bit scummy if you ask me).

                   there's a video I uploaded recorded using D3DGear. I don't normally upload shit to Youtube, I just had some family members who aren't gamers but love the Alien films and they were interested in seeing some footage, but every time they tried to find some on Youtube they couldn't enjoy it there was some annoying turd like PewDiePie talking and being silly all the time, so I made some videos for them.

                            The trouble with Shadowplay is that it doesn't pack the video as it records, so a 1 minute video will take literally 3 or 4 hours to upload to Youtube - you have to pack it yourself before you upload it with some video packing tool or other. The other problem is that if you don't have Windows 8 you can only record chunks of 14 minutes at a time. After 14 minutes it saves the recording and keeps going, so if you record for an hour you end up with 4 14-minute long videos and 1 4-minutes long video, instead of just one video. So you either have to spend even more time editing them in to one or upload 5 separate videos.

                            Stay the fuck away from FRAPS - the only reason that piece of shit ever got popular is because it was the first (or one of the first?) and when there were very few on the market FRAPS was the least worst one. It doesn't matter how awesome your PC might be, recording with FRAPS destroys your FPS.
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                              Hmm I may try that one myself then if it doesn't slow games down. I found with OBS it would unless I was playing something simple like. Was the reason I stopped my video review endeavour last time as I couldn't record the games I wanted. Then I just have to find an automated text to voice program for the commentary or a good voice changer.