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  • Battery

    Anyone know how I solve the issue of my PC constantly resetting my Clock after I shut it down and start it back up again.. I know it's to do with the battery to some extent, replaced it with other batteries with no successs.. I get the message "RTC is reset, BIOS Setup default has been loaded. Strike F1 to continue, F2 to run the setup utility."

    Much appreciated if anyone knows the solution.

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    never unplug it, if it is a power issue being connected to the mains should keep power to the motherboard and keep the BIOS working.

    however if it is problem with the memory chip (how old is the motherboard?) it could be one you just have to live with until you get an upgrade.

    the other thing to check is the CMOS switch/jumper isn't set to reset or if your motherboard has a switch on the outside of the case make sure nothing is catching it (the same with the internal button)


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      How would I safely go about doing that with the jumper switch?


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        If your motherboard has jumpers to clear the CMOS just look up where it is and the positions for your board, obviously turn the power off before prodding about.

        If it is a button/switch just make sure it is in the correct location and no wires have dropped onto it as it could be pressing the button making it act as if the battery is flat.

        Failing that or a battery change fixing it, it is likely a fault in the CMOS stopping it from keeping data outside of a single session.


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          Ah it's gone, changed the battery and today no clock reset or any message.. cheers for the advice anyway.


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            at least it was just the battery as it is the cheap option.